Our first apostafest was a great success

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  • TotallyADD

    Hello everyone. Mrs. Reopened Mind and I still have big smiles on our face over the fun time we had with our new found friends. Outatlast who had to drive the farthest arrived first followed by MrFreeze and later on PaulnotSaul and his family arrived. We talked, we laughed, had moments of reflections and some new revelations on things. It was what I would call one of the most enlightening days I have ever experienced in my life. The knowledge and sound advice from Outatlast was priceless. The very mature thinking and reasoning ability of MrFreeze was one of an older person but yet came from the youngest of us all. He has a bright future ahead of him. The empathy and love both Mr. and Mrs. PaulnotSaul showed to all of us was beyond anything you would ever see at a KH. Their two children were beautiful and fun loving. It truly was a privilege to have all of them at our house yesterday. Mrs. PaulnotSaul even though never a JW gave us all wonderful encouragement and a reason to keep going. She truly in a gem and Mr. PaulnotSaul is one of the luckiest men on earth to have her as a wife. They always say you never forget your first time and this will be true of our first meet-up.

    Our group's wish was more of these meet-ups take place. So this invitation goes out to all of you in the western part of PA. Please PM any of us and let us know how we can get together and meet you and have encouraging words. It is well worth all the effort. It does the soul good. So thank you, thank you, and thank you for all the great memories. Not so Totally ADD

  • mrsjones5

    I love apostafests. They always seem to turn out well and are a lot of fun. I'm really happy for you guys. :D

  • NewChapter

    I was at my first meetup last week. I met Serenity Now and I THINK screen name Locked Chaos--something like that. It's hard to remember real names and screen names. Also met the organizer. Noni went with me. Great time.

    Great story ADD.

  • paulnotsaul

    Hello All, Thanks for the kind words and for having our family over. We all had a wonderful time. I felt like I was at a family reunion. Nobody there was like a stranger. You are all my family now. I too learned alot. All we have outside of JW world is each other. Cause nobody on the outside understands this cult BS. I do love you all. I cannot wait to get together again. Thanks again and I hope all got home safely. peaceAll paulnotsaul

  • MrFreeze

    Thanks for organizing it. It was a good time.

  • TotallyADD

    Oh I forgot to mention. Jamiebowers and her husband were unable to make it because of car trouble. Jamie we missed having you and your husband here. Soon we will meet and enjoy some face to face company with you all. Your brother is a great guy. Really enjoy having him here. Not so Totally ADD

  • dm6
  • paulnotsaul

    dm6, lol great video! If you weren't so dam far away it would of been nice to see you. Maybe another time and place someday. I pray all is going well with you. peacechefdm6 paulnotsaul

  • noni1974

    I'm glad everyone had a great time. I've had a blast at every meetup and apastafest I've been to. Maybe next time I will be able to come to PA.

  • jamiebowers

    I'm sorry we missed it. My brother and I talked on the phone about the meet-up whukebhe was driving from your house to mine, and we continued until the wee hours of the morning once he arrived here.

    I've been doing some research and will message your Mrs. on Facebook tomorrow.

    Edited to add: my brother is a great guy! I'm so glad to have him back.

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