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  • discreetslave
  • discreetslave

    I hate this organization. I don't care What they say but this version seems to me to be for no other reason but to indoctrinate the young ones better. The key pictures are twice as big.


  • Rydor

    I'll simplify the Watchtower for you.

    1.) We are always right.

    2.) If we are ever wrong, see rule # 1.

    I "simplified" my life by cutting all ties with the organization, and truly Jehovah has poured his rich blessing upon the new arrangement.

  • dogon

    You say they will not get your kids, are you still going to the hall? If you still go and you think your kids will not possibly fall to the cult and eventually cut you off you are sadly mistaken. To play with the cult is like going to Jones Town thinking you will get out at the last min. You may get a dose of Kool-Aid dumped down your throat. The only way to deal with them is to leave and be vocal about your experience with them. Never play with fire and think you are above getting burnt. If I had a dollar for every family that has been damaged or broken up by this cult I would be as wealthy as the cult. Wives who have come in because of the husband and then the husband leaves and the wife leaves the husband, kids who turn away from fathers and mothers and vis versa because someone left the borg. If you are in the cult and your kids are young leave and give them every chance at a happy normal life. Every min. you stay if you are in is harder and more dangerous for your future.

  • DaCheech


    I have a couple of children, I'm trying not to indoctrinate them.

    I'm in a hard place.

    My wife knows my apostate views, but she's dealing with them as long as I go to hall.

    I know that my kids will test me someday, but how else do I do it without my wife leaving me now?

  • carla

    DaCheech, sometimes you have to stay in just so you have more control over the situation. Do you do the family study night thing? Perhaps you could put away all the literature sometimes and just read the Bible on it's own? Create your own 'questions from readers' type of thing? something that is not outright apostate but just gets one thinking?

  • DaCheech

    no family study shiite watsoever.............

    just my wife tries to make my kids browse the "book of bible babble" during the meetings

  • Intel

    discreetslave: yup, don't give up my friend.


    Every person, family is different. Please come here to get different viewpoints to tackle the same problem, but at the end: don't compare yourself to others here. You don't know their personal situation and we don't know your feelings. Some people will tell you that you have to leave "stonecold" because otherwise you're a "covard", others will say to stay in and do a "soft approach" (see carlas post). I don't recommend neither one or the other: Do YOUR OWN thing!

    Even this is a way of freeing yourself from "JW-thinking". Follow your own conscience and thoughts. Relax. Don't rush.

    Myself? I did all of this. Was a Bethel "heavy" once, elder...the whole show....gave up on everything and stayed in to "appease" family & wifey. Took the "soft approach" (carlas suggestion, reading just the Bible, etc. going to the Hall, talking my wife "out of it"....)...

    ....after 5 years: Didn't work. I DA'ed myself cold turkey. My wife left me and took my three year old daughter, to her parents. I will life with this, until the day that she is old enough to understand. Then. Only then, will she understand and have someone outside the cult to help her. If she wants to stay in and ignore her own father - then so be it. They have NO MORE POWER over me, not even by hijacking my family. Here WTBT$, stick it up your A&%$.

  • DaCheech

    Intel, is it not amazing how these mates love us, as long as we're in the truth? then the love ends?

    Anyway, I purposely put my kids in a school with children of many races/religion.

    My kids have made friends with even Indians, and the directors are Muslims.

    I then, tell them to respect the other people's religion because there are literally 10's of thousand of them..............

    Told them that just because you believe in another God, does not make you cancerous.

  • Intel


    I wish you the best - really - for your approach. May peace and a wonderful life become yours! I am trying to make the best of mine - I am not going to look back - some days I cry, some others I advance with new stuff that is happening in my life. I have a girlfriend - it started a couple of weeks ago, totally unexpected by myself, because this wasn't something that I was looking for - at 40 I didn't feel that a relationship would be even necessary.

    .....talked myself into the idea that I will become a writer, surround myself with a bunch of cats (they are at least honest and let you know that they stay with you as long as the food is regular and the oven is warm - no false pretendings here - just as it is)....

    ...but now this wonderful girl came into my life and she is noticing my "JW-isms" and she is helping me a lot!!!!

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