Spain Branch's undercover operation during WYD(I)

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  • JHK

    What is WYD?: It is a great worldwide encounter with the Pope which is celebrated every three years in a different country. This time it was celebrated in Madrid from August 16th to 21st, 2011.

    Spain Branch, secretly, used 400 youth Jehovah's Witnesses --in blue jeans-- to preach the pilgrims. Here you have the instructions:

    Instructions for undercover operation

  • Gorbatchov

    Wow this is news! Thanks for posting. They are undercover agents, this isn't normal. I would like the reaction of the WTS when a JW convention was an undercover target of the Vatican Youths...

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    A Translation to english would be good....

    this is a link to the official site, but

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    From a look at the website, it appears that to get into madrid for the WYD that they would have to have registered as pilrims and recieved a backpack of catholic goodies that would help to ID them as pilgrims and enable them to use the public transport network.

    cant see if there was $$ cost to register or not, but that would be interesting as it appears that nobody gets into the event/s 'off the street', as it states no tourism...


    edit: fees to register ranged from 30 eu to 210 eu depending on the 'package'. Bit the main event is free to all.. so i assume the jws went in freeby...

    We remind you that participation in World Youth Day 2011 is free: anyone can attend the main events of WYD (Opening Mass and Welcoming of the Pope, Stations of the Cross on Friday, Saturday Night Vigil on the 20th, and Closing Mass on Sunday the 21st), as there will be designated areas for non-registered attendees. However, registration is strongly recommended, as an expression of solidarity with other participants, as well as to facilitate logistics and contribute to the cost of the event.

  • Scully

    Rough translation via Babel Fish:

    Presentations that the captains provided to the participants

    (Page 1)

    Questions: “What does the JMJ do?”

    “What have you learned?”

    “Where you live is there much interest in religion?”

    “I have heard that the theme of JMJ 2011 is to be ingrained in Christ. What does this mean?”

    Situations: They approach us to discuss religion.

    They ask us for information when arriving at a monument, museum, restaurant, etc.

    On public transit or at a park

    As tourists

    On the way to an event


    They approach us to discuss religion.

    Hello, how are you. It’s wonderful to be in Madrid. We have come to testify to Jesus.

    Hello. Are all these people here for the JMJ?

    Yes, they are. And it is incredible, as much Christian young people. Have you already accepted Jesus?

    Yes. I am Christian, and trying to follow Christ’s example is not easy in these times.

    Good. You must trust the power of the Holy Spirit.

    He is wonderful. I am very excited to be here with so many companion pilgrims here. You feel that it is like one brotherhood and that you really matter to Jesus.

    I agree. What have you learned at the JMJ?

    I am enchanted to see young people with spiritual restlessness. Here is a gift of welcome from Madrid. Here is something that you can take home with you. I believe you will like it.

    Really? Thanks!

    It’s my pleasure. It’s nice to meet you. By the way, my name is Pablo (extend hand).

    I’m Miguel. Hmmm. “Jesus … His birth, his life, his death” (reading the magazine)

    It’s a good subject, would you agree? It is an impressive summary of Jesus’ life. It will surprise you.

    It seems interesting.

    It’s been great getting to know you Miguel. I have enjoyed chatting with you. All the best.

    They ask us for directions to a site

    Pardon me. Do you know where is the Casa Encendida?

    Sure, it is in the Ronda de Valencia, I’m not sure of the number, but it’s about 900 metres from here. Look, I’ll show you on the map. Are you visiting here in Madrid?

    Yes, I have come for the JMJ.

    It seems like a great event. Okay, we are here in Plaza de Atocha, take the Ronda de Atocha, you follow by Ronda de Valencia and you’re there. By the way, my name is Daniel.

    I am Manuel.

    And how is it going at the JMJ?

    Good, the subject is Ingrained and Built-up in Christ. We should have a Christian life and speak of God to others.

    That is not easy nowadays, right?

    It isn’t easy, but this is where the holy spirit comes in. We are celebrating the Christian spirit and testifying to our faith.

    Is there much interest in religion where you live?

    Not much, but events like this inspire young people (and others too). It is very edifying to see them united to do God’s will.

    I am glad to meet somebody with a sincere interest in spiritual things. I share that interest. See here, I would like for you to accept a welcome gift to Madrid. I am sure that it help you in your desire to serve God.

    Good… thanks. “The Bible and its Message”. Thanks!

    I hope you enjoy La Casa Encendida.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    good enough translation i think

    How typical of the JWs to offer literature to catholic youth from a publishing house built on vilifying the catholic a catholic event no less.

    they should have been hunted down, put in stocks and had rotten fruit thrown at them.


  • Scully

    Aussie Oz

    I wasn't paying close attention to the actual content while compiling that translation. So now that I'm reading it again, I did notice a little bit of Theocratic War Strategy™ going on.

    Notice the affirmative answer to the question "Have you already accepted Jesus?" as 'accepting Jesus' is a born-again concept. I have never heard a Catholic talk like that. Just a LOL thought here: what if the JW is preaching to a born-again undercover agent?? LMAO

    Oh and the "being here with so many companion pilgrims" (as if they have the same goal as the other attendees), and referring to the Holy Spirit as "he" are other subtle bits of Theocratic War Strategy™.

  • JHK


    Thank very much for your translation.

  • ziddina

    As Nugget said on another thread, "Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky..."

    I'll bet that the young JWs going "undercover" are just thrilled... Field service that is slightly less boring than usual...

  • ziddina

    Oh! And thank you, Scully, for that translation!!

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