WT: "A sport is objectionable if too many people like it"

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  • wasblind

    Only witnesses with money are allowed to let their children play sports

    Katherine Jacksons granddaughter was makin' her way through the

    television curcuit and told that she was active in school sports

    even if the child ain't baptised, how come grandma is allowed to flaunt

    this to other witness children who are told it's a bad thing to do

    Y'all know the answer to that

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Why is everything an extreme to JW's. People are perfectly capable of getting involved in hobby's without selling all their belongings and getting mixed up in drugs and violence. Everytime I hear a jdub going on about whatever technology is available or a hobby, it always leads to an extreme. Have these people no self control?

  • cedars

    wha happened: I think the following quote from Crisis of Conscience sums things up perfectly:

    Additionally, some might advance the argument that any softening of position could “open the way” to a floodtide of wrongdoing. If one or more extreme examples of bad conduct were known that could be related to the issue under discussion, these were presented as strong evidence of the potential danger. The ominous spectre of such danger was usually brought forth in those cases where, even before a motion had been offered, it was fairly evident that a considerable number of the Body inclined toward a change. In one such case, Milton Henschel seriously urged caution, making the point that, “If we let the brothers do this, there is no telling how far they will go.”

    The Governing Body operates under the assumption that all brothers lack moderation, period. Each and every one of them will take anything to an extreme given the slightest opportunity. The GB therefore "puts a fence" around anything that might conceivably lead to wrongdoing, however harmless it may be. What few brothers realise, is that this "fence" now encircles sports in general.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    yep, thats how a friend of mine summed it up today.

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