"Lord, whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life"

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  • blondie

    Jesus was neither encouraging the Jews that he was talking to at that time nor future followers after his death to follow an organization, neither the Jewish religious organization that the WTS teaches ended in 33 C.E. with the anointing of Jesus' followers with holy spirit, nor today. The WT constantly puts itself between people seeking Christ saying they have to come to them first to get to Jesus. Where in the bible does it say that? Where in the bible is the word "organization" or "governing body"? Where in the bible except for the circumcision question, did Paul consult the GB as to his schedule and his comments as to serious doctrinal questions?

    Why the emphasis on the WT publications and the organization's feeling that no one can understand the bible without them?

    I had those questions and never got a honest answer. People are too afraid of contradicting the WT organization publicly. I can remember my family questioning the interpretation of the superior authorities prior to 1962...but not openly and then feeling vindicated in 1962 when it changed to what they knew was accurate in the first place.

    Or the elder that held up the WT in the WT study he was conducting asking what were our beliefs based on?

    Or the new elder who was told that his bible research was not needed because all they needed was in the pages of the elder's manual?

    People in Jesus day were afraid to recognize his simple explanation of what they needed to do, as he himself lived it. That's why he had "secret" disciples. The bible says that the sheep would hear his voice and follow him. Where is the best place to hear Jesus' voice, in WT publications or the bible?

    Blondie (an explanation to reach jws written above, so don't say that telling people the bible is false and Jesus never existing would be a good approach)

  • journey-on

    Why is it, Jaheshua (Jesus) never wrote anything down? He didn't want scribes manipulating his words into doctrine and dogma. He even warned that this is what was going to happen! Lo and behold! Along comes Paul and did just that (imho), whether intentionally or unintentionally.

    Christ's Law is written in your heart. He told us that his kingdom is within you. I know the NWT says "in your midst", but even the Interlinear Translation says "within". That's just one example right there where some 'scribe' CHOSE to mistranslate in order to fit it into their own doctrine.

    It's not where you go, but to whom you go.

  • dogon

    The Witnesses use this as a way of not having to have their people argue against criticism of the Org. This is because there is not a good argument to stand up to many of the criticisms of the Borg. Instead of arguing with logic they are saying well if there is no life after death then were does the soul go? It’s begging the question. Just because the facts show that the society is bogus and a fraud it’s not my job to show you what to fill the void with. Its about as stupid as when told that the hamburger you are eating has Ecoli and you come back with then what should I eat? Fuck if you’re that stupid to fall for that line of argument eat the damn hamburger.

  • 00DAD

    I just found this quote by Ray Franz from "In Search of Christian Freedom":

    "In the minds and speech of most Witnesses the common tendency is to think and speak in terms of 'Jehovah and his organization' with Christ Jesus given only subordinate mention. Holy Spirit seldom merits even that mention." - In Search of Christian Freedom, p. 103

  • 00DAD

    "'Biblical truth' and 'organizational teachings' become merged as essentially equivalent, one and the same, in the minds of most Witnesses, and it is the continued drumming of organizational superiority and authority into their thoughts that proceeds this mental mix-up" - Ray Franz, "In Search of Christian Freedom", p. 103

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