Power of attorney of transfusion issues in the UK

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  • trailerfitter

    Hi you wonderful people, I have a serious question. When my wife finally gets baptised will she have to sign the power of attorney over to the JWs automatically or this a voluntary thing? I am concerned being a None bleiever that she will undermine my authority on this issue

    we are in the UK and I presume this is no difference to that of the US when it come down to those having the last say in matters of life and death?

    Thanks in advance..

  • Listener

    Here in Australia it is volunatary for JWs to do this and not everyone does sign a POA to an appointed JW.

    As head of the household you would still retain authority in this matter as there is no biblical requirement to do a POA.

  • Lozhasleft

    My experience here in the UK is that each baptised adult witness is required to fill in and carry a document stating that they refuse blood transfusions (its all very detailed to make it a legal medical document). Its all done on a voluntary basis but of course there would be consequences for any witness who did accept a transfusion of blood. There are documents for children who are baptised or affiliated but these can be overridden by making a child a 'ward of court' in the UK or by the permission granted by an unbelieving parent.

    Loz x

  • trailerfitter

    Okay thanks, that is a slight relief,...lets hope she doesn't decide to go the full hog.

    I think that she will be loosing her card on a regular basis when she does get it. ( evil laugh)

    I would prefer that she faced serious concequences with her church rather than our family and the risk of death. Hopefully nothing will come of it but her sister in Laws' huband had a motorcycle accident and lost his spleen, She refused him blood so it eventually came down to other family members to sort it out....oh, since my wife has been involved with the BORG this story has already changed to exonerate her sister....

  • llbh

    If you have children who are below the age of 18, you might wish to write to your family doctor explaining that you do not share her views, and that as such you will sign documents authorising all medical treatment you agree with. I did this, and my wife was not pleased, I pointed out that they are my children too.


  • trailerfitter

    Thanks interesting and I will do that. I got my partner to show her hand today about what she wants to do....I asked first about the document she is going to sign and if she was going to willingly sign it. She said yes she would and the reson being that she doesn't want to loose her place in heaven. Forget the rest of the family who she will hurt badly if someone else has to decide life and death situation for her....that emotionally effects the whole familiy.. We are heading for divorce as she will not see reson.

  • wanda88

    My husband had this document hidden from me for years. I had a strange feeling and I found it in his book bag. My name is not on it and he said he doesn't trust me. We have been together 45 yrs. My answer to him was no trust no marriage. I have asked him to file for divorce and the brothers at the hall are aware of the situation. Moved out of the bedroom, will not lay next to someone who doesn't trust me. Have been sleeping in the basement for the last three years. Have not said one word to him in the last couple of years.

  • wobble

    I signed a Blood Card many years ago, it crumpled to nothing and I never replaced it, I never signed a Power of Attorney type form as produced by the WT, neither did my wife, for the last years of our membership we did not sign or carry a "Blood Card".

    All of this was more to do with laziness than belief, but the point is, nobody checked up on us, so why is your wife going to sign ? really ?

    Fear of losing her eternal life ? Get her to read JW Facts article on the Blood Doctrine, that should do the trick, and this is a life or death issue, don't take any

    "I will not read apostate literature" rubbish, tell her it is her, and your kids life and health that are at stake, and she is resposible to consider all the evidence.

  • NeonMadman

    The thing is that they also use the Blood document as an informal form of JW ID. If you go to Bethel and want to get a Watchtower Library CD, for example (which is supposed to be for JWs only), they will ask to see your blood doc as a proof that you are a JW. So it does involve more than just the blood issue. While it is technically voluntary, it's clear that everyone is expected to carry one.

  • BluesBrother

    The "Blood Card" that they carry in their wallets does give a lot of power and authority to the one who is named as health proxy (or whatever the phrase is) .

    As the unbelieving mate of a fledgling Witness , I am sure that the elders would be delighted to discuss the matter and reassure you that your God given headship was not being undermined! (irony here ) but nevertheless it would be a talking point and you would learn a lot......

    Otherwise, do you have children? I am sure that a statement could be left in their records at the G P saying that you do not endorse and override any such refusal. For adults in the U K though, as far as I am aware, a personal signed statement is considered binding

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