The Alpha and Omega-God has no beginning and no end /as opposed to the universe having no beginning and no end ?

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  • AwareBeing

    I find pop science more entertaining than the current syfi moves at the cinemas!

    Black holes, string theory, and dark matter; what could be more exciting?

    It's no wonder the big bang theory is "the best bang for the buck" in the media.

    It's been over a decade since I've seen any reference to the multi dimension aspect

    of the physical universe's beginning. Scientists describe it as having 12 to 19 dimensions at play

    during its initial explosion! From that, it cools down to 9 to 7; where space and time are non-existent.

    Imagine the power it took to pull that off! Now think;

    The One who did it must have the ability to live within a multi-dimensional plain,

    without the normal constraints of time-space. Hence; God!

  • ziddina

    ^^^ [face/palm slap...] ^^^

  • smiddy

    Thank you all for your resonses to my post.

    Their is a lot for me to digest,I`m a slow reader at the best of times

    I tended to lean towards the oscillating theory previously

    now I have some other points to consider


  • tec

    Something (or someone - God) has always e xisted. Because nothing cannot come from nothing, in any way that I can understand or that I have seen/heard e xplained.

    So the fact that we cannot e xplain or even wrap our minds around an eternally e xisting being (or thing), doesn't mean that it is unreal.

    As far as I know, nothing in our observable scientific world has demonstrated something coming from nothing.



  • i_drank_the_wine

    Watch this:

    Stephen Hawking's take on the whole thing. Very interesting IMO if you have the time.

  • Twitch


    Thanks for the background posts; interesting stuff.

    Also, I see and understand your point re "beautiful planet created for us". We are intrinsically tied to our enviroment and arose from it, thus everything in it has a natural order and beauty to it, not necessarily because it was created but because we arose from it and this is how natural selection and processes work with us being a part. If we had evolved on Venus, we would see sulfuric acid rain, 400 deg temps and intense pressure as being the norm and would've evolved accordingly.

    As for the beginning of the universe, the idea of the Big Bang is largely due to taking observations about the current state of movement and expansion of the universe and working the math (and time) backward to a point, in a sense. This idea is not subjective speculation (as is god and creation) but a reasonable calculation based on known physics observed. As in black holes, these laws of physics break down at the point of t=0 and do not adequately describe how it worked before then, only that these laws exist now and have an immutable effect on the reality of our universe. Our known laws do not explain what or how things existed/didn't exist before or at t=0. Quantum and super string theory has made strides into possible explanations for this but is as yet unproven.

    From what I know, it's still a toss up as to the fate of the universe; whether it will stop expanding and reverse motion into a "Big Crunch" or hit breakaway velocity and blow itself apart, a "Big Chill". Apparently it depends on the ratio of dark matter to dark energy, both of which are needed to make the math fit the observations made but the nature of which is still in question and in the process of discovery.

    Interesting times in the history of man to be sure.

    As for the concept of time and dimensions, wrap your head around this

  • AwareBeing

    Nice youtube search Twitch!

    It shows how God has given creatures on earth, five dimensional lives.

    An existence in 3- D , with 4 the gift of time, and 5 a multiple of

    possibilities, circumstances, and choices; rather than fate!

    Also; that any dimensions beyond the 10 listed,

    we may conclude as part of the unseen spirit realm.

  • Twitch

    well I suppose thats one way of looking at it, but I see no evidence for or conclusions proving the existence of god, but everyone's entitled to their opinion.

  • cofty

    This lecture called "A Universe from nothing" by Lawrence Krauss is worth your time

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I don't believe God is necessary. If you listen to Kraus, Hawking et. al. they have mighty good explanations for universes without God. God is hard to quantify and filled in the gap of the unknown. There will always be the unknown but it's no reason to get superstitious about it.

    If you want to quantify God, you would look at it's effects. So far I have seen no effects (and James Randi would give you a million dollars if you can prove otherwise).

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