Someone is trying to burn down the Kingdom Hall

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  • Kenneson
  • avishai

    No bueno.

  • shamus100

    Not good! I hope they catch the bastard.

  • YankeeGirl

    JWs would rejoice if the person was trying to burn down churches of "false religion"

  • steve2

    Profiles of arsonists make interesting reading. Some main findings: Most arsonists live very close to their targets, and in some cases are trying to light fires extremely close to their own home. Only rarely will an arsonist be from "out of town" (i.e., an individual who drives to another town or state, lights fires and goes back to his home town or state). The large majority of arsonists "get off" on watching their handy work (light the fire and hide close by to watch those sexy flames). Exceptions: If the arsonist is intent on light a number of fires over a single limited time-frame, they'll literally "light"and run (which is why when the arsonist aims to light lots of fires in one time-frame, evidence shows several of them don't succeed. Moral: If you're going to light fires, go for quality not quantity. Lastly, a disturbing number of arsoniststurn out to be either former or current fire fighters. A little case of there being a lot in common between people who light fires and people who put them out: They're both drawn to the flames. Oh, another point: Sometimes arsonists end up having very direct links to their targets. Locally, the Seventh-Day Adventist church was targeted by infrequent but persistent arson over several months. The cuplrit was the son of a "well respected"Seventh-Day Adventist.

  • sizemik
    The large majority of arsonists "get off" on watching their handy work

    LOL Steve2 . . . I spent some time visiting an inmate doing time for multiple arson. One day when I visited he seemed noticibly upset. When I asked what the problem was, he said he had just had a session with his psychiatrist and psychology counsellor. "So how's that a problem" I asked.

    He replied . . . "Well they asked me if I jerked off while watching the burn . . . what kind of sick bastard do they think I am?"

    I guess he was in that minority LOL

  • ohiocowboy

    I'm sitting here toasting marshmallows, and all of a sudden this thread pops up!

  • smiddy

    A jw response :

    This just goes to prove we have the truth,we are being persecuted


  • steve2
    I guess he was in that minority LOL

    Sure sounds like it sizemilk. I did my initial clinical training in prisons (on the "right"side of the law I hasten to add) and there were very strong correlations between burglary, arson and sexual offending; these are often referred to as "addictive" in that the offender experiences surges of adrenalin when thinking about, carrying out and reflecting on their offending. The cross-over with sexual feelings makes sense because sexual arousal "utilizes" the same adrenergic pathways that are aroused by arson and burglary (i.e., offenders need to be hyper-alert to light fires and break into homes so that they can flee if others "find"them. The sexual offending is easy to outline: The offender breaks into a woman's flat on the presumption that she's out, during the entry which could also involve lighting "small" fires left as territory markings, the woman returns home. The burglar, already in a high state of adrenergic arousal, suddenly has an urge to attack and sexually assault the woman - but that was usually not the main reason for breaking in. Clearly, not all arsonists do that. Those who have a propensity for burning down churches usually have some sort of link to the church, either as a (disgruntled) member or seeking to portray his people as persecuted or as someone from another church who strongly dislikes the church he is trying to burn down (BTW, arson is an overwhelmingly male crime).

  • sizemik

    Interesting to hear of your prison work Steve . . .

    I have a strong interest in the correlation between many forms of crime and mental illness. I do prison visitation on a voluntary basis and liase regularly with the local forensics team. I'm endeavouring to gain some tertiary qualifications in the hope of moving it into more of a career activity. It would be nice to gain from your experience some time.

    Apologies to others for the off-topic

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