Are you conservative or 'out there' as ex jws?

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  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Just wondering...

    I have always had a flair to dress up even as a dub. I was the one who would wear a bowtie to give a public talk etc. Post JW i found myself in the world of 50s rock n roll and moved onto rockabilly and psychobilly, with a good dose of punk and goth mixed in at times. I have gotten tattoos and have a psychobilly style hair cut/pompadour mohawk. Till recently my daily transport was an old hearse. My moral compass is 180 degrees from where i came from, what i once thought bad i see good (to a point) and i am vocaly anti religion.

    Have i rebelled? No, i just let me out of thge box...

    Have you remained a conservative sort of person? What i call, the 'normals', like may be wandering the supermarket as opposed to the punk kid with green and red hair that frightens old ladies? (I must admit to scaring old ladies in supermarkets at times)

    Hope you get what i am wondering!


  • WTWizard

    My religious view is about as liberal as they come--I do not believe in the Bible as a guidebook. (I do use it to refute claims that the witlesses abide by it, and often so blatantly so that even I can see it a mile away). I would rather go to regular church, however, than a Kingdumb Hell--whether I believe a word of what the preacher says or not is another matter.

    Politically, I do believe that strict adherence to the Constitution, with little modification (adding the clause that initiatory force, threats of force, or fraud is morally wrong), is just fine. The country wouldn't be in the mess it's in if this doctrine were followed to the letter. It gives the free market and the free people unlimited rights, aside from violating the above mentioned clause, while it restricts the government to what is expressly stated in the Constitution. It's the fact that the Constitution is being so blatantly violated that is why so many countries are ahead of the United States, and why it's now the United Tyranny.

    Doctrine-wise from the Washtowel, I am also as liberal as they come. They ban Christmas--so I have decorations up that stay up all summer. They don't like Halloween, so I display Halloween stuff on the exterior of my apartment. They don't like people watching porn--I do dabble in it at times (but I don't constantly view it, despite that the Washtowel portrays the average porn viewer as spending 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, watching it). I also have a Ouija board, along with a few numerology reports just to pxxx them off. No, I don't smoke but because it's a waste of money and it ruins your health. I do, however, put more trust in silver than I ever did in the Washtowel Slaveholdery, slapping them in the face against "idolatry".

  • AGuest

    I think I would classify myself as a "moderate", dear Aussie (peace to you!)... or "back to the center", where I was before becoming a Dub. I grew up in San Diego and so could dress up real nice, when the occasion called for it... but preferred running around barefoot, in a bikini top and cut off shorts (which I am SURE would have caused some JW heart attacks). I did wear skirts/dresses with slits when I first started studying... but reactions from the sisters (and talks from the podium) eventually eradicated that out of me. Went to the hokey longish with yards and yards of material kinds of outfits after that.

    But I've long been back to wearing what I want, including shorts and tank tops. And flip flops. Have even worn bustiers when out on the town with hubby.


    SA, on her own... who ain't ascared a no JW fashion po-lices no more!

  • minimus

    I'm liberally minded, no major rules for other people. Personally, I dress up more conservatively than not. I'm comfortable with that.

    AGuest, um, put a hot pic of yourself up, willya?

  • AGuest

    Ummm... ewwwwwww, dear MiniMan (peace to you!). I mean, you're like a "brother" to me, on SO many levels! LOLOLOLOL!

    SA, who doesn't go for the "brother-sister" kind of melarkey... on her own...

  • d

    I am more liberal in my views now.

  • minimus

    AGuest, ok.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I grew up in a conservative family, in a conservative town, in a conservative country.... lol.

    I'm still pretty "conservative" in my dress, behaviour etc. Although I have done more than many of my contemporaries - instead of the marriage, kids and a mortgage route I remained single, travelled, moved towns, changed careers etc.

    So I guess I am conservative, but not afraid to look/live outside the box.

  • EmptyInside

    I'm liberal in thought,but still conservative in dress,although,on my recent vacation,lots of cleavage,lol.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises
    although,on my recent vacation,lots of cleavage,lol.

    Oooh, you rebel, lol.

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