What Jobs have you had and how would you rate them on a 1 to 10

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Retail salesperson (I just stood as security and cleaned up the presentation)-most boring of all- but first paid job.-5 at time, 2- from now.

    Clean up children's books that circulated to wild children in bad schools for public library-7. Less than minimum age b/c of municipal status. Very boring.

    Strangely all the college prep kids from my neighorhood worked there. We sat and talked for countless hours.

    Travelers Insurance Clerk-I did typing. They hired from secretarial track for wk-study. Money was good so we demanded that college prep also be hired.--7

    Work Study Jobs in College-These jobs were awesome. The counselor decided I should go to law school and placed me accordingly. John Lindsay was

    mayor so they were exciting. Harlem Housing Assistance. Legal Service. Board of Correction-interviewed inmates with complaints. 8

    Secretary, educational foundation -3-Did not need high school education for this position. Interim job.

    Temp. Secretarial-hundreds. Boring. Did not go to school to be a maid or servant. -plentiful.

    Social Security Adinistrationl - career track. 6

    LAW- U.S. Senate - 9

    U.S. Attorney's Office SDNY-largest Mafia case in ten years. Fascinating but scary. 9

    NOW Legal Defense Fund - 10. Worked on several NY State Appeals Court and U.S. Supreme Court cases.

    Major Wall St. Law Firm-representing multinational corps and foreign govt. ---15. Great socialization and challenging. Very collegial.

  • Violia

    I've worked as a Nurse Aide when I was younger and I rate it pretty high as I served in a job a lot of folks don't want due to the pay. ( and it is very hard work) I give that a 7

    I cleaned houses and did quite well. The pay was not bad. It was physically demanding. that was a 5, b/c I like working with people.

    I worked as a RN mostly in Psychiatric area. I give that a 9. I worked in an ER covering Psych and I give that a 10. I always wanted to be a part of the team that goes out to answer the 911 calls for psych emergencies but never did. Big regret.


    hey. Charley, I'm afraid you'll need to prove those claims. ( nothing without pics)

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