AWAKE! Nov 2011 - They Love Pointing Out The Shortcomings Of Others But Never Do They Look In The Mirror!

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  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Wow, I can't believe that's an actual pic.

    There is no way they can't know their own retention rate. What hypocrites to point out the rates in other religions. But of course, they are counting on the average witnesses to be unaware of the stats.

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    I must be really dense..I don't get the picture..

  • serenitynow!

    I didn't get the picture either.

  • Gayle

    this is really weird,, the small inner article is discussing Neanderthals, but shows a Neanderthal dressed with Leprechaun outfit,,nearby showing a scientist in a pose like questioning or really confused,,nearby in picture shows a 'prehistoric' elephant also.

    I don't understand except that obviously the WTS is trying to depict the scientist as a confused idiot,,while of course the WTS has its way to scoff at science and that the WTS is 'all-wise' about everything. One of those subliminal ways of the WTS.

  • BluesBrother

    If slightly more than 10% have left the Catholic Church after being raised a Catholic, I guess that it would mean that nearly 90% of people raised a Catholic, remain a Catholic !

    That sounds pretty good to me.....

  • sd-7

    What, only 10%? What happened to the 'drying up' of the waters of 'Babylon the Great'?

    Well, the photo seems unrelated to anything, but I'd have to download the whole article to see what it's about. It does seem like an odd photo, like a neanderthal dressed like he's up for a night on the town or something. I'll check it out.


  • sd-7

    Oh, I see. There's a paragraph about "Were Neanderthals Like Us?". They report an article from New Scientist magazine that states neanderthals wore clothes, cooked food, made glue, buried their dead, amongst other things. I assume the drawing is to suggest that scientists are dummies putting fancy clothes on cavemen--the exaggeration is a common propaganda technique, unless you want to call it satire. Clearly their clothes were not that sophisticated. But I guess they want to suggest that maybe neanderthals don't exist, or that humans were created as humans and that's that.

    I'm not familiar with those issues, of course. But the last few pages of Awake! do make it look like a coloring book. Cut & paste type of crap. I mean, come on. This is ridiculous. I didn't get talked down to as a kid, so neither should the n00bs of today. (sigh) Well, guess at least they'll have some fun, right? Can't be all bad. Let me get some construction paper and make a Rutherford hat for my daughter...


  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    If 63% of born-ins leave JWs, it makes one wonder how many of the 33% that remain behind only do so to maintain family ties and keep the peace. They think a couple dramas at the District Convention focusing on Family Worship Night, and pressuring elder bodies to enforce that evening will stop the leakage. It's the equivalent of putting one's finger upon the hole in dam. Like the line in one of my favorite movies goes, "You can't stop what's coming. It ain't all waitin on you. That's vanity."

  • sd-7

    Speaking of pointing out the flaws of others, there's an article about a John Foxe, who I take it they are speaking somewhat highly of, as a man who wrote a book about the religious atrocities of the Catholics or something like that. Wonder if he's been crowned as 'anointed' officially, by this article? Almost like the Pope giving sainthood to somebody posthumously, eh?

    And a great article for the young folks about choosing entertainment! "Does the music I listen to make it easier--or harder--for me to control my sexual desires?" Let me tell you, that Kingdom Melody about the Shulammite maiden was a serious turn-on...I better stop listening to that. Also, daydreaming about Bath-sheba taking a bath--definitely out. A sleepover with Abishag? Also not appropriate thinking.

    Right, so...I'm getting off-topic...sorry!


  • discreetslave

    The pic is part of another Watching the World on Neanderthals that's next to the one on Catholics. When you think anout how stupid it is to highlight the Catholic statistics when the JW one is 6x's worse the Neanderthal picture is appropriate

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