MTV awards speech Justin Bebier a confirmed Jehovahs Witness....or just a dumb ass?

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  • PSacramento

    In JB defense, if he believes that his gift of singing is from God, then he is quite correct to thank God and Jesus.

    Not for winning anything of course, but for his gifted voice.

  • Glander

    Aussie Oz, I haven't heard the word "twat" in ages. LOL It does have it's place in the lexicon of frank expression! I'll try to work it in more often.

  • Intel

    He IS a Twat.

    And Yes,

    JW are dumbasses.

    Very easy. Clean and simple.

  • glenster

    Different Christians have different stances regarding God either directing or
    allowing the bad and good things of the world--see the article at the next link.
    Either would know about both the good and bad things and could be grateful to
    God for their chance at life and the good they found in it similar to how a non-
    believer might regarding life without God. It's not either one being mistaken
    about what otherwise is their all-beneficent God or all-beneficent life idea.

    I don't think JWs are dumb, just unaware of how their leaders have manipulated
    research material. I once knew a very bright person who believed what they read
    in Chariots of the Gods--same sort of thing. JWs are also like Popoff's follow-
    ers--as J. Randi said, the followers were victimized by Popoff, so he wouldn't
    want to victimize them, too.

    PS: GTA reference[email protected]_Internet_Cafe

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