Check Out This Load of Crap

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  • Pika_Chu

    So i did a brief Google search and asked the Internet: "so who's NOT going to hell?" I figured I'd learn to laugh at the uber-fundamentalists. It's much less stressful and fruitful than arguing with them. Well, this is one item that showed up in the search. To those of you who want a good laugh...I present to you:

    ...this $hit...

    How much you wanna bet this is where godrulz got his information from?

    ...And HOLY SHIT! Look at their homepage...

  • ziddina

    Oh, Loookeeee!!!

    They've got ILLUSTRATIONS!! It MUST be REAL!!!

    I suppose some of us forget that there are other "Doomsday" cults and groups around besides the Jehovah's Witnesses... Of course, some of those other groups seem to believe more fully in an "end time" than the Watchtower boys - as others have said, the Watchtower is more of a publishing cult that uses the "Armageddon" prod to get more members and money...

  • Pika_Chu

    Oh yes...and just check this the HELL out.

  • Pika_Chu

    And for my fellow atheists ...

    Hey, you know what? If God does exist, these idiots can't possibly be his servants...

  • Black Sheep

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