JWs relieved when judges decree their kids must have a blood transfusion

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  • Terry

    Terry, your logic is flawed. Today, a judge removes the decision from you and authorizes doctors to give blood. He is not ordering the JW to allow it or ordering them to give the blood. Essentially, he is taking away custody for this issue to be resolved.

    My point was missed, I'm afraid.

    The JW parent IF THIS WAS OFFENDING THEIR GOD for real--would throw a hissy fit, go to the press, hire a lawyer, call a cop, raise a rucus, scream, cry, raise hell, handcuff themselves to their child--etc etc.

    There is ALWAYS an alternative to being "made" to do something you genuinely believe is wrong.

    Obtaining a "stay" legally is also a possibility.

    Kingdom Halls would all have a powerful sympathetic attorney on call who could immediately jump in and STOP (with legal maneuvers) the JW child from being forced to receive blood.

    Ask yourself, what would a Muslim parent do if the court ordered a treatment that involved PORK! i am not being funny. Think about it.

  • sizemik
    One gets the sense that the GB wishes the whole blood ban mess would just go away, and are wracking their brains for a face-saving way to extricate themselves without triggering an avalanche of law suits. . . . baltaar447
    I wonder if the GB will ever get brave enough to remove that prohibition? . . . garyneal

    I personally believe they began their "tactical withdrawal" with the "new light" on blood fractions. From the Biblical viewpoint they have maintained for decades . . . allowing blood fractions makes no sense whatsoever. It's a "watering down" of the strictly no-blood stance of the past.

    The next phase in the tactical withdrawal is to make the use of all blood products a conscience matter . . . after which it will seldom get a mention. And of course . . . the net effect is that those harmed by the policies of the past will have "moved on" to a large extent (mostly died), and the threat of major lawsuits and class actions will have abated. And for all the "faithful" who have been harmed . . . the dead loyalists of the past will always be "heroes" who showed extraordinary faith by "following their conscience" . . . after all, it was their decision (they will say).

  • Quendi

    Hey, flipper, sorry for misreading your remark. I'm relieved that your tongue was planted firmly in your cheek!


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    It stunned me. I grew up with serious abuse. An agency wanted me to move to a different state with extended relatives. The thought of leaving my mom and sibling was totally intolerable. Now I realize my very life was at issue. It is terrifying to a child. I don't know how social workers gather and yank kids away with a court order.

    The blood issue is not my top horror because children are taken from their parents for the transfusion. Kidnapping - they should end up with life in prison.

    Does anyone personally know of a case where a minor was denied a transfusion. Some fundametnalists will not take an aspirin or see a doctor. Those snake handlers in W. Va. expose children to the snakes.

  • trailerfitter

    I found myself checking out the situation from the policies of our hospitals here in Great Britian about blood. Children are protected. it is a hospital policy to not deny blood without exception. Adults do have a choice unfortunately. The selfishness of a false religious belief puts un needed financial pressure on our already pressured health care system in the UK.. Why should JWs ( unless they pay for it) have special treatment in bloodless surgery or synthetic blood shipped in at great cost?

    My partner is JW newly found and I am very opposed to it. She also works at the hospital and has had medical training as a Russian Paramedic. What I found obserd, she kept telling me that you can get diseases from blood transfusions and this is why it is not safe. No biblical refenences were made. This is not said in the bible but I think it is her interpretation of the WT doctrine along with discussions at her BS that they have come to this conclusion. She also informed me that not all blood is checked and only a cross section is ever checked. We have a doctor friend who is not JW. I asked her what happens to blood, since she trained in the hospital she'd know. All blood is checked for possibilities of contamination. It may not be true of other hospitals however not in the UK.. My Partner then came back with the arguement that perhaps they may miss a batch. Yes that could be true however if the labs are sloppy.

    The WT doctrines put our family under stress, I will not now allow my wife to take our son home abroad on her own. this means he will miss out culturally of his Russian / Ukrainian roots, not see relatives. That is a degredation on the quaility of life.

    A small mercy out of this situation, our teenage son , in rebellion actually signed up to give blood voluntarily. Quite out of charicter too!!.

  • straightshooter

    By the State overriding the WTS on blood transfusions, it relieves the parents from being da. The evil control by using df or da cannot be held over the parents heads when the State takes control on the issue of blood.

  • Cinciguy74

    It is a simple matter of applying these scriptures:

    Hosea 6:6 - For in loving-kindness I have taken delight, and not in sacrifice; and in the knowledge of God rather than in whole burnt offerings.

    Matthew 9:13 - Go, then, and learn what this means, ‘I want mercy, and not sacrifice.’

    (Interestingly, the "I want mercy, and not sacrifice" is quoted from Hosea 6:6 which you can see how the WTS has mis-translated above)

    Matthew 12:11-12 - He said to them: “Who will be the man among YOU that has one sheep and, if this falls into a pit on the sabbath, will not get hold of it and lift it out? 12 All considered, of how much more worth is a man than a sheep! So it is lawful to do a fine thing on the sabbath.”

    (Laws can be broken when a human life is at stake)

    1 Samuel 21:1-6 - David Eating the Shewbread. He was not allowed to under the law, but was given permission because he was starving (an act of mercy).

    Luke 6:1-4 - Jesus reiterating the 1 Samuel 21:1-6 story, showing it was okay because they were hungry. Again, Mercy, not sacrifice.

  • Terry

    Mercy is for Jehovah's Witnesses "the dog that didn't bark."

    They are the UN-cola of christians.

    The garment they wear is inside out.

    Theirs is a sacrificial demonstration of performance of NON performance.

    NOT celebrating.

    NOT saluting.

    NOT pledging.

    NOT voting.

    NOT transfusing.

    NOT this-ing or that-ing...

    99% of JW's are:


    NON-heavenly hope

    NON-partakers of the Evening Meal

    NON-covenanted with Christ

    NON-intended recipients of the Bible

    Just THINK about this for a second: almost every single person in this religion is on the OUTSIDE looking in at the few darlings of the elite.

  • thetrueone

    I'm sure there are many JWS who are relieved that the courts have taken away that very dire decision, perhaps not in front others members of

    their congregation but nevertheless.

    Interesting as it is, there are many civilizations both ancient and modern who've established within their beliefs that blood has sacred significance.

    Could this have been created when observing the killing of an animal or human that when blood flows out of the body that death pursues shortly after ?

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