“Look! It’s our circuit overseer! Je- hovah has saved us!”

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  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    You couldn't make it up. See today's WT

    9 EldersonRegionalBuildingCommittees and relief committees work hard to help the brothers. They deserve our wholehearted support! Consider the relief effort after Cy- clone Nargis hit Myanmar in 2008. To reach the Bothingone Congregation in the hard- hit Irrawaddy Delta region, the relief team traveled through devastated terrain strewn with corpses. When the local brothers saw that the first relief team to reach Bothingone included their former circuit overseer, they cried out: “Look! It’s our circuit overseer! Je- hovah has saved us!” Do you appreciate the hard work that the elders render day and night? Some elders are appointed to serve on special committees to handle difficult ju- dicial problems. These elders do not brag about what they have accomplished; yet those who benefit from their service are real- ly grateful.—Matt. 6:2-4.


  • Joliette


  • Quarterback

    How happy we are to see you, loving CO. Now, what time will that Service arrangement be, tomorrow moring? Too bad, our hall has been wiped out. I had that reading all set for this week.

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C

    I would like to ask the writer of this article who the first people were at the scene at the World Trade Center to rescue people who were trapped under the rubble. Servants of Jehovah? Not quite. They came later on to read the Bible to those doing the actual rescue and recovery work.

    Also, when a homeless person in New York City is looking for a bowl of soup and a cot, do they find it at one of the Watchtower’s facilities, or at one of Christendom’s missions?

    Those with humility simply go about their business of offering aid and charity without grand standing and fanfare. They certainly don’t publish articles about it in one hundred languages.

  • Quarterback

    Paragraph 9 was bad.....what about that opening song? WTH....is that the Elders song?

    It needs a blues tune...since it wants to make me cry.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    The rest of the story...

    "The Circuit Overseer then arranged groups of local brothers to preach to the survivors. The relief teams used the donated materials to construct housing and prepare food for the CO. The local brothers went home to salvage and repair their meagre possessions."

  • VM44

    Two observations.

    1. The Circuit Overseer is treated as a representative of Jehovah God. ("Look! It’s our circuit overseer! Jehovah has saved us!”)

    2. Jesus, the Christian's "Lord and Savior", is not mentioned at all.

  • Quarterback

    "Look boss, the plane" Where the heck was that place?

  • inordiNate

    It was their "former" CO. The article failed to mention that he can no longer be a CO after his picture was posted on silentlambs.org. HA!

  • steve2

    The innocent natives always think the clever white guys are gods. Aw shucks! Revealing and embarrassing all at the same time.

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