Is it possible to completely forget the JW experience.

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  • Magwitch

    Most of us will continue to have scars. However, I do know some that came out completely unscathed. My little brother left at 18 and went to school and then on to medical school. He is 40 with a wonderful career and a beautiful girlfriend. He does not give a hoot about anything new, old, stupid or interesting that the witnesses are doing. He just has completely moved on.


    Experience has a benefit including our Jehovah's Witness experience. To forget completely would amount to amnesia. We are the sum total of our experience and our experiences should be learnt from and celebrated.

    I am not referring to experiences that we did not consent to such as rape or other enforced abuse. We consented to be Jehovah's Witnesses but as we learnt and grew we moved on. Our experience was part of that process.

  • unshackled

    Those of us who were raised in the WBT$/JW Cult,are screwed..

    Well thanks for that Outlaw...I was beginning to think there was hope. But nope, screwed. LOL

  • d

    No really but you move on and live life.

  • Gayle

    Another analogy, though more extreme by far, critical and horrible, was what the Jews went through during Hitler. Horrible horrible. Many came out and didn't want to or couldn't talk about it for a while. They realized they had to go on with their lives and most did.

    But more and more realized it was a story that must be told, exposed, not tucked away. So that it would not be allowed to happen again. Ethnic exterminations still happens but fortunately reach media more early and timely now. Exposure for other wrong things, in organized politics, organized religious, or business scams are exposed now, earlier hopefully now. Internet has a great potential to have information go earthwide, even better than written news, which may only make it to the local coverage.

    The JW Headquarters has never been affected by non-JWs so much no matter the criticism. Remember how much the WTS criticism of the Catholic Church, well, the WT critcism hardly mentions the Catholic Church like that, as much, in recent years. However, every WT is slamming former members, and much criticism toward even their 'inactives.'

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  • WTWizard

    I don't think so. If I can remember major events and trips that happened more than 30 years ago, I know I will never totally forget about being a witless. Many of those events were 3 days or less--yet they had some effect in defining periods of my life. Being a witless, even though I was not born in, did have an effect in terms of wasting time and resources that could have been put to better use. And the lost opportunities to learn other things: Instead of paying attention to the world, I had my head stuck in a damn washtowel rag for a time. One example: I got an electronic note taker calculator while I was a witless, and while setting the world time, I came across "WLG" time zone. I have also read in the local newspaper the weather--they had world cities and their forecasts. I saw "Auckland", and aside that they were colder during the summer months, I had no idea of where it was in the southern hemisphere.

    Now, if I didn't have my head stuck in the Washtowel, I might have done a little research and found out that both of those places are major cities in New Zealand (Auckland is the biggest city; Wellington, abbreviated in your time zone computer "WLG", the capital). However, I had to be distracted by those damn washtowels, wasting time that could have been spent researching if for no other reason than to broaden my knowledge of the world. They didn't want me researching, because they were afraid of those apostate web sites. So I remained ignorant of something so basic.

    Another thing I missed out on was $4 per ounce silver. Had I not been so brainwashed by the Washtowel, I would have realized that there was a way out, at least for individuals, when the dollar collapses. So I missed out on the opportunity to build wealth. It wasn't until silver reached the upper $20s that I finally realized that it was scarce and would soon take off--a fact that I could have easily found out (it is being manipulated, hence I have a little more time--but not much).

    Knowledge aside, there was the wasted time. When I joined the cancer, a majority of my time was wasted in field circus or on other theocraptic activities. They kept pushing me to waste even more time on that. And much of my music was thrown away because of the witlesses. My attitude toward Christmas was so bad that I missed out on the sights and sounds of the seasons. And any opportunities to better myself were lost forever because of that waste.

    If I had that much damage from being a witless, just imagine someone that is born in. Their whole lives are built around the cancer. They are reminded that everything outside the religion is horrible. They waste their vacations from school pio-sneering. Pio-sneering is the only "career(??)" that they are allowed to pursue. Everything they learn in school is biased around the Asleep! rags. Their whole lives are built so they cannot succeed outside the cancer, resulting in many more lost opportunities and much wasted time.

  • Butterflyleia85

    Sometime!! Most the time... but really it took me two years and moving away from my home town. Marrying a wonderful guy and starting a family of my own that did it! Obviously I'm on this website so no not totally. But it is alot easier and I got use to our (my mom and dad's family) arrangement... no I don't talk to the all the time I use to and no we don't bring up religion. But yes we love each other and everything is ok! :)

    I'm really happy with the way my life is going!

  • WildeLover

    eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and all that.

    it's allpart and parcel of making us who we are.

    i have learned so much from people and about people from it all ..... i would do things differently but its etched in there.


  • MrFreeze

    Thats like asking if you can completely forget high school. Nope.

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