A powerful question: HOW LONG has this been true?

by Terry 16 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Farkel

    The Taliban (only one example) would fall in a New York Second if they did not force their minions to be illiterate and ignorant.

    And superstitious. Don't forget that one.

    They love the Dark Ages and that's why they want to live in it.

    Educate people even towards a modicum of education and the Taliban would be tossed into the toilet where they belong.

    Hmmmm. Unfortunately, the same thing holds sway in the USA. We wouldn't have a corrupt Congress and an Obamanation as President if people here could actually reason and think.


  • Terry

    The nature of Authority is that it can only be considered leadership if somebody follows.

    Persuasion or blunt force are the alternatives.

    The strategy employed indicates how "followers" are actually viewed by leadership.

    Rational equals are reasoned with by presentation of facts and choices.

    Inferiors are bullied, cajoled and kept in fear.

    If the facts and evidence aren't on your side, where does your AUTHORITY rest?

    An informed, curious and reasonable constituency sharpens their leadership by forcing it remain honest and equable.

    An ignorant and uninformed constituency is only interested in what "goodies" will be dispensed and how often.

  • DesirousOfChange

    And the retort you are waiting to make is: "All those books and magazines contained Old Light and Expired Dates! We fed people emergency instructions for non-emergencies and the details have changed!"

    URGENT instruction for NON-emergencies.

    Shelf expiration dates.

  • DaCheech

    It seems like their eyesight is short-sighted.

    They may have had alot of wills and testaments sent their way............ but eventually these undereducated ones can't contribute enough.

    the WT, is cash rich............ but they are cash-flow poor.

    anybody taking their advice would fail in this world!

  • designs

    The Watchtower should set up a REIT.

  • thetrueone

    The Truth concerning the WTS. has always been contrived Bullshit as direct marketing for its published works,

    going right back to Russell's days. Some people actually Awake to this fact and stop reading their expressed religious Bullshit.

    Its legal in the US to write Bullshit you know, put it into print and sell it as if it were all The Truth, even more so if the writing has a religious tone.

  • Terry

    Ask yourself : what changes?

    When change occurs to RECEIVED FROM GOD information...why does it change?

    Shouldn't only the "received from speculating humans" information change?

    Why would there ever be "received from Jehovah" changed information?

    Isn't the only New Light possible a telegram from God saying: "Stop making shit up!"?

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