According the WT, how many “comings” or “returns” of Christ are there?

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    According the WT, how many “comings” or “returns” of Christ are there? And the follow-up question is: How many “comings” of Christ are actually indicated in the Scriptures? (Yes, we can debate for days, needlessly, concerning the 1914-calculus, but the “truth” is so much simpler than this! It really is!)

    If you’re struggling to reason with your family members about your issues with the WT, I believe the most important question to raise is: how many “returns” does Christ have according to the WT? And then, the same question, but according to the Scriptures? The Biblical expression of Jesus is: “it will come at a time you think it not to be,” with the WT’s explanation that they’ve calculated his "return" or "coming" in 1914, but the “time” “we don’t know” is his final “coming” in judgment, another “coming!” (Good grief!)

    So, what don’t we know “the day and how of?” An email, sent to me from a “sister” many years ago, quoted a GB member, saying: “Christ “comes” many times! Up to 7 times!” “He ‘comes’ and ‘comes’ and ‘comes’ again, up to 7 times!” (Really?)

    Needless to say, if we get our families and friends to think about the WT’s position, and what the Bible really, really, really, really teaches, we might be able to help them make a happy exit out of the insanity!

    What's your opinion? Is this a good reasoning-point?


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    I got an unexpected call from an elder just before the memorial this year asking me if I had planned on attending (the memorial)... I thanked him for the invitation but told him I didn't plan on attending. He was quick to point out that this was a "biblical" requirement mandated by Jesus himself, to which I responded... "yes, it is... but only until he returns, right?".... he said "exactly... then why are you not attending?" I then reminded him that Jesus returned in 1914... there was a long pause and then he suddenly started to dance around it by saying that this is not what was meant... I told him he really needed to study the subject more, to which he quickly changed the subject and then ended the conversation abruptly...

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    There is a post in the thread above by EmptyWords.

    It is a talk by gb member Losch where he explains the 6, yes six, returns of Jesus.

  • AnnOMaly

    w04 3/1 p. 16 'The Faithful Slave' Passes the Test!

    [Box on page 16]


    In Matthew chapters 24 and 25, Jesus is said to "come" in different senses. He does not need to move physically in order to "come." Rather, he "comes" in the sense of turning his attention to mankind or to his followers, often for judgment. Thus, in 1914 he "came" to begin his presence as enthroned King. (Matthew 16:28; 17:1; Acts 1:11) In 1918 he "came" as messenger of the covenant and began judging those claiming to serve Jehovah. (Malachi 3:1-3; 1 Peter 4:17) At Armageddon, he will "come" to execute judgment on Jehovah's enemies.-Revelation 19:11-16.

    The coming (or, arriving) referred to a number of times at Matthew 24:29-44 and 25:31-46 is at "the great tribulation." (Revelation 7:14) On the other hand, the coming referred to a number of times at Matthew 24:45 to 25:30 has to do with his judging professed disciples from 1918 onward. It would not be reasonable to say, for example, that the rewarding of the faithful slave, the judgment of the foolish virgins, and the judgment of the sluggish slave, who hid the Master's talent, will take place when Jesus "comes" at the great tribulation. That would imply that many of the anointed will be found unfaithful at that time and will thus have to be replaced. However, Revelation 7:3 indicates that all of Christ's anointed slaves will have been permanently "sealed" by that time.

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    2nd John 1:7

  • discreetslave

    The teaching is he becomes present in 1914 parousia.He came in1918 to judge Christians and comes later to destroy world
    How in the world did I believe this garbage?

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    How did we ever believe this, or even come to accept this?

    The only way, and it is a persuasive way, for the Watchtower writers to convey this nonsense to their followers is to express their theology in inverted commas. Jesus' coming is somehow different from Jesus' "coming".

    Take a dose of paraphrase, add disingenuous argumentation, stew this in a theology of innovative improvisation, garnish with "inverted commas" and you have:

    Food at the proper time!

    Then as dessert, a bowl of peaches and cream mixed with chicken vindaloo and sushi [its all the same context m'lady]

    And to finish of this "proper food" a nice hot cup of invisible Turkish coffee.

    Aaaaaaah, I miss those banquets.

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    They make Jesus sound like a Veteran PORN STAR.

    Get your dixie cups, the Kewl Aid is splashin'


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