I know you love Jehovah!!!

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  • lalaa

    Earlier today at work my Inactive JW co-worker was telling me how the elders want to set up a meeting with her parents and with her, and her husband who is studying. They haven't been to a meeting in at least 2-3 months, skipped the assembly, and missed the special day assembly. They missed it due to just being busy with life and other things. No big deal in my opinion, but a big no-no in JW land.

    So while she was telling me that they need to mind their own business, somehow the subject of loving Jehovah came up. She ending up saying to me: "I know you love Jehovah." (She knows that I haven't been to a meeting since 2004)

    I looked her in the eye....smiled...and said "No, I can honestly say I don't.

    She insisted that I do....She said that she knows me. Really????

    I told her there is no chance in hell that I would never go back....and if for some crazy reason, if I did go back.....I would never go out in service, give talks, be a householder, go to meetings during the week, not go to any assemblies, and not go to Sunday meeting either. Basically I was trying to give her a hint that I have absolutely no interest in that lifestyle. I also said that being raised a JW was not my choice as a child, but since I'm now and adult, it's my choice to live my life the way I want to live it. She did agree that we should choose to live the way we want to live.

    I can see why she went back. She is close to her parents and they gave her a ton of guilt trips about going back...The funny thing is that she always says she will never go out in service, give talks, and prays that if her hubby ever gets baptized (been studying for 3yrs) that he will never be an elder. But she does pray, and according to her that's all that counts. LOL! It's funny and sad to listen to her sometimes, but oh well...It just reminds me why I will never go back to that life!

  • cantleave

    I wonder how many inactives still hang on to the BS belief system?

  • IsaacJ22

    I often think that Witnesses who make assertions like "I know you love Jehovah" do so as if it's a prerequisite for being a good person, as if it's they're offering you a compliment or something. I feel like correcting both assumptions whenever I hear phrases like these.

    But then how do you do it without offending them? Which kinda ruins the whole point. Or half the point, at least, if you want them to realize how cult-like they sound as much as you want them to know you don't appreciate being implicated as a believer in the Society against your will.

    I don't have many "religious" Witness friends. Wonder why?

  • N.drew

    How is being a Jehovah's Witness loving Jehovah? By your post lalaa

    it sounds like loving Jehovah means loving the organization.

    Jehovah's Witnesses didn't make Jehovah. Sorry, but that is the way it

    sounds. The Our Father is real. They who take His name for a worthless purpose

    are breaking the third commandment. Do some people leave the organization

    and then throw everything else away? I burned the books. I had my own

    mini holocaust, I made a fire bridge, it was cool, I mean hot. It was fun.

  • sabastious

    "I know you love Jehovah" is many times a complement coming from a JW on the inside. It basically is translated as "I know he won't destroy you." It isn't always meant that way, but I have noticed that many times it is, even if just subconsciously.


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