Angels of Death at your doorstep: Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Terry

    Azrael, the angel of death, in the Third Heaven is mirrored here on Earth in the form of door-knocking messengers.

    They smile and offer paradise that smells of smoke from the abyss.

    In their bag of books are "meals" prepared in Bethel cauldrons stirred by MacBeth's witches whose fertile minds are aflame with

    the shadowy spirit of their tribal god, Jehovah.

    The stench and rot are fragrances to their nostrils as they sigh, "Ahh, food at the proper time; meat in due season!"

    All the while, an expiration date on their foreheads blinks 1914! 1914! 1914! to hypnotise the unwary householder with an invisible pyramid of shallow proofs.

    "The TRUTH", they cackle, "is a countdown to extinction.....YOUR extinction." And they take you by the hand to a Valley of Shadows shaped as a Kingdom Hall.

    You are met at the door by slaves bereft of soul who greet you cheerily behind eyes dark with emptiness like a doll's.

    Once inside, your sanity leaks out into pools of anonymity, estrangement from life and the ignorance only true believers can endure.

    Each word that falls upon your mind forges a link for your shackles.

    Each promise falls upon parched earth were nothing ever grows.

    Every shining hope is drowned in tears and bereavements.

    Every passing hour knells the dawn that never comes.

    Unless..... close your door to these unwitting Angels of Death and bid them no return!

    For that is your only hope!

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Terry I admit that some of your posts go way over my head, but this one had me from hello........( or Azrael to be more accurate)

    Liked it. Had to read it twice, but liked it.



    Goud Thalead..

    Veady,Veady Sceaddy!..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • journey-on

    How can you ever look at Sister Sweetness and Sister Smiles standing there with book bag in arm and WT in hand and "see" the same kind elderly sisters the same after reading this post, Terry. Very descriptive writing, my friend.

  • Terry

    Did you ever see the John Carpenter movie THEY LIVE! ?

    If you put on a special pair of glasses you suddenly had the ability to behold horrific aliens who were projecting "normal" appearances of humans into unwary minds!

    I don't think the above is much different :)

  • Terry

    Terry I admit that some of your posts go way over my head, but this one had me from hello........


  • sd-7

    "Good morning. How are you today? My name is Mr. Phantasm, and this is my wife, Mrs. Phantasm. Your angel of death awaits. Have you wondered why we face so much death in the world today?"

    "You ain't the Batman!! Get away from me, you freak!"



  • Terry

    Until the householder sees the danger at the door the plague cannot be contained.

    Watchtower transmission of the virus of the mind is contagion. The sick and dying are everywhere.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Great post

    journey-on is right I will never be able to look at the sweet 80 something pioneer sister with the same eyes now after reading this post. Though the longer I am out of the religion the more it just makes me so sick to see JW's going door to door or even being around them for that matter, as all they talk about is the world ending. All I can think is that they are wishing for the death of most of mankind and it is starting to make me dislike them on so many levels.


  • Terry

    In my mind, when I see a carload of Jehovah's Witnesses in their crisp, freshly laundered Sunday best schlepping up to doors I think of

    the plague carts passing through medeival villages with cries of, "Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!"

    JW's are not there to collect the living for life. They are there to carry off those who have died to the real life.

    The living live because they know how to live. True Believers have forgotten how and must unclench their hold and let go.

    "Good Morning. I'm about to tell you something that has no possible use to you or any member of your family. It will cause you to abandon your personal committment to those you love and transfer it to people in Brooklyn whom you will never meet. You will accept what they say from now on. It will make you say and do things so far removed from reality you'll soon find yourself in a dreamworld from which you'll never awaken."

    But, they'd have to be telling the truth to say any of that.

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