Another girl dies because of the WT No blood command !

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  • Hairyhegoat

    The more I here of this then when these the morons call I have to destroy them with


    A young Jehovah's Witness died after a roller-blading accident because her family refused to let her have a life-saving blood transfusion, an inquest heard today.

    A doctor said he pleaded with her family to allow her a transfusion which would have given her a 90% chance of survival.

    Emelie Grootjes, 19, broke both legs after she lost control of her skates going down a hill on July 31. Emelie, a Dutch student, had been on holiday at the Lockley Park caravan park, Hamworthy, Dorset, with her mother, father, brother and sister, all Jehovah's Witnesses.

    The inquest at Bournemouth, Dorset, was told she was taken to Poole General Hospital where she died from fat embolism syndrome five days later.

    East Dorset coroner Nigel Neville-Jones heard that fat and marrow from her shattered bones had entered her blood system before jamming up around her lungs and finally killing her.

    Dr Charles Blakeway, a consultant surgeon, described a complicated two-hour operation designed to bind her legs and stop further fat getting into her bloodstream.

    He said: "We would normally give a transfusion straight away. "The transfusion was refused from the outset because she was a Jehovah's Witness. If consent is declined then we are stuck."

    The next day he noticed problems with Emelie and her lungs began to deteriorate. She died later in intensive care.

    "The refusal of the blood transfusion contributed to her death in my opinion." Dr. Barry Newman, head of the intensive care unit, said: "Somebody as young and fit as her, if she had received all the therapies we could give, then I would have given her chances as 90%.

    "When I first met her I was made aware that she was a Jehovah's Witness. Her parents had signed a form saying that she would not take blood or blood products."

    Dr. Newman said that he regretted not telling Emelie the first time he met her of the "brutal facts" that her life could depend on the blood and plasma.

    Emelie's father Mr. Cornelius Grootjes, from Schogen in Northern Holland, said: "We accept other treatment but not blood or blood products. "I think the situation with blood is not so black or white as it looks. I think the doctors did all they could and I am very happy with all that they did."

    Mr. Neville-Jones said that a post mortem examination had given the cause of death as fat embolism syndrome.

    He referred to a High Court Judge's ruling saying: "The right of the individual is paramount. She was entitled in her rights to refuse the transplants which were offered to her."

    He recorded a verdict that she died as the result of an accident "the consequences of which were contributed by the refusal of blood transfusions on religious grounds".

    I am so angry another one left to die


  • james_woods

    Disgusting -

    I wonder if the family would have sued the docter if had given her the transfusion and saved her.

  • rebel8

    Terrible story (from 1996).

    Dying from broken legs. How senseless.

  • garyneal

    so sad

  • paulnotsaul

    Lately I've seen alot of threads on blood transfusions. My wife has Crohns disease. She had a flare-up last week and had to have a transfusion this last saturday. It was her first transfusion, ever. Her blood levels kept dropping. Because of me brow-beating her with JW doctrine on blood we almost relapsed and didn't do it. But because we don't follow/ believe that crap anymore she went ahead with it. I just keep thinking my wife could be dead right now. By following some mans doctrine on blood. There is something very evil about this ORG. They got alot to answer to. My wife is doing fine. Everthing is regulated. This is a demonic religion. peaceAll paulnotsaul

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    HHG, thanks for posting.

    This cult is truely evil

    Poor poor kid, so young. Senseless.

    paulnotsaul......glad your wife is doing well. You both made the right decision.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    That is so sad. Another life wasted.

  • wobble

    The Ethics Committeeof the British Medical Association take the stance that a patient has the right to refuse treatment regardless of how mad the beliefs of the patient may be.

    The mentally ill often contribute to their own demise because of this.

    In Law though, here in the U.K it is illegal to assist in the act of suicide, I wonder how the two, seemingly opposing, principles are reconciled ?

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    When I was nursing (Hi Wobble) consultants often prescribed a dose of morphine "to help the patient along" suppressed the lungs and speeded up death. This was after it was decided there was no hope for recovery by the way......but miracles do happen dont they? This happens in hospitals all over the UK.

    Would all of the deaths happened anyway? Most of them I suppose. Still frightens me thinking about what I saw when I was nursing.

    What confuses me, back on topic, is that this girl died and the report concludes the doctors respected her religious beliefs. However, other stories Ive read (most recently on here), are about health boards etc can take certain people to court to force them to have a life-saving transfusion......seem to be about demographics then?

  • dm6

    Truly a sad stroy, but sadly it does happen to many people out there, and many more to come. Not all stories are recorded like this one.

    paulnotsaul - thannk God you came to your senses! I wish you and your wife a very happy lifetime together.

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