Watchtower Door to Door Work...what an incredible waste of time.

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  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Yesterday morning while driving heading for the grocery store I saw four JW women out in "service". They were walking very slowly on a street where there were no people out and about. I observed them for several minutes. They passed several apartment complexes and for whatever reason made no attempt to enter them. They just moseyed along chit chating with each other.

    About a half hour later when I was returning from the store I saw them again. They were still walking along at a snail's pace and were only about two blocks from where I first saw them. Still in an area where there was little chance of finding anyone to share their so called life saving message with.

    Everytime I see JWs out in service they seem to be trying to get there hours in with as little contact with the public as possible. They certainly seem to have lost the pre 1975 sense of urgency.

  • Honesty

    The general public has caught on to their sham doctrines.

  • moshe

    Back when I was active in the anti-JW witnessing work, seeing 4 JWs on the sidewalk would have made me park my car around the block and walk back towards the JWs to engage them is a meaningful dialog- sometimes it only lasted 5-10 minutes and the JWs would quickly head for the nearest exit to get away from me.

  • blond-moment

    I have made hand outs of all kinds for my non-JW friends to give the JWs when they come to the door. Basically about the child molestation policy, no need to talk about it, you will just use theocratic warfare, bla bla bla. I have a couple, the more bold and snarky friends, they can't wait to try out their new word...apostate. I told them to take pictures haha.

  • man in black
    man in black

    Wow that woke up some really dormant braincells !

    The witnesses walking past an apartment building ?

    In my old hall we had something called telephone territory, or letter writing territory to be used on:

    1) rainy days, groups would meet and write letters all morning. I did it once in the early 80's and it was a complete waste of time I thought.

    2) handicapped, or ones with medical problems could take advantage of it .

    These were usually apartment buildings, or locked-gate communities, the elders thought that these methods would have better results than the usual door to door monotony.

    From what I heard ( and I was the territory servant for several years) these methods created by the elder body were just as useless as the normal door to door shuffle.

  • sabastious

    It's a waste of the Watchtower member's time, but in no way is it a waste of the Watchtower's time. The preaching work continues to collect suckers because it's designed for such and there are still a lot of suckers.


  • the-illuminator81

    It takes 5000 hours for a single baptism.. if you take into account people leaving and dying, it takes 8000 hours to add a single publisher.

    Let's say that you're quite the active publisher and you go door to door 10 hours a month. It will take you 42 years to make a new convert.

    42 years.

    Yes, that's an incredible waste of time.

  • steve2

    I was going to say that at least the door-to-door work keeps them off the streets...until I realized. I tend to agree that the chief beneficiary of the door-to-door work is the Watchtower Society. It gives the brain-sleepy witnesses something to do so their minds don't turn to other things like, um, having a life. Also, there may just be something self-soothing about sauntering along the pavement, the slow and steady plod, plod, plod could keep the few who bother to go out mildly exercised. I'm sure they have an occasional very difficult day out as, for example, when they find every householder home. What a drag to find one's slow and steady plod, plod, plod interrupted by householders .

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl
    What a drag to find one's slow and steady plod plod plod interrupted by householders

    You said it steve2

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    The witnessess in my area must be the exception then...they are out there in force...its actually getting saturated with them.

    Of course they give my house a wide that I don' study anymore and they know what I think about the WTS..but...they're still hard out recruiting

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