WTBTS Approves of Admitted Pedophiles Serving as Elders!

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  • 00DAD

    Apparently it's now ok for known child abusers to be recommended as elders as long as the "sin" was years in the past:

    "For example, the sin may involve past child abuse, and this would likely disqualify him for years." - Shepherd the Flock of God, p. 38 (2010)

    Note that this potential "disqualification" is only "likely" and could only be "for years". Hmmm, Shepherding the flock takes on new meaning!

  • 00DAD

    BTW, I wonder how long is "years" in this context? Probably the opposite of "soon" or "imminent" in usual JW parlance.

  • stuckinamovement

    What is interesting is the questions asked of men who are newly appointed as elders in comparison with men who are reappointed. It amounts to a don't ask don't tell policy.

    I am paraphrasing:

    Question to ask a man reccomended as an elder if he has never served before.

    Have you ever been involved in child sexual abuse in your past? Is there anything that would disqualify you from accepting this assignment?

    If you are being reappointed as an elder the instruction from the branch is not to ask those two questions. I wonder why?


  • MrFreeze

    They should NEVER be allowed to serve again and an announcement should be made when a pedofile is in the congregation. Its so simple any idiot can understand it.

  • Terry

    Pedophiles are to molestation what height is to self-control.

    In other words, no matter how long you live you can't change your nature. You can only stoop or wear lifts.

  • DaCheech

    if no one knows, then the podophile could be an elder in as early as 5 years.

    if everyone knows, then the person has no chance in hell, unless they move to another congo. where the situation is only known by the elders.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    Dacheech knows what hes talking about

  • AwareBeing

    Comments from our family, in order of our age:

    1) "OMG! Their nothing but sick, evil pedophile lovers! I can't wait for Jehovah to get them for what they did!"

    2) "What in the world! Those SOB's, and sons of snakes! They can just go all the way to hades!"

    3) "Hah... yep! Told you they were a cult! It's really bad what they did to those children. Yep, that's terrible!"

    4) " WTF ? @*! Huh, I can't believe that!"

    5) " O , M , G ! Really? That is so- o gross! I can't believe they're getting away with that! They can all go to you know where!"

    6) "Oh my gosh! How can they get away with that? There a bunch of crazy sickos ! How can anyone go there and feel safe? That's just wrong, and on so many levels!"

    7) "I n't know what they say... what they mean, huh?"

  • itscrap&theyknowit!

    Not shocked at all!

  • Pistoff

    The WT has not changed the real policy about child sexual abusers one bit.

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