JW? Accidental Housing Activist? NWT shown in CNN Report

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  • laverite

    Hello all,

    I've been pretty much MIA from JWN, email and messages this whole summer. Once school let out, I had the kids home from school (and daycare) all day every day. Summer was awesome. Totally exhausting but so much fun with the kids. I literally didn't have time to sit down and do anything. My children are very, very busy. Playdates, playtime, parks, activities, etc. etc. etc. I went to bed thoroughly exhuasted every single day. Now school is back in session and my youngest is in a special school program too, even though she's only a toddler (same hours as regular school).

    Today, I'm back on JWN. I've really missed it! I had to read up on anything and everything OTWO wrote. I can't seem to find where Miseryloveselders went to or any recent posts though which makes me sad.

    Thought I'd post this: Just saw on CNN a report about a woman fighting to stay in her home. The New World Translation was featured in this video. Interesting!


    She's quite the spitfire. She doesn't come across like any JWs I've ever known. But maybe people can get away with more in their later years? Hope she doesn't wind up in a JC or getting DFd.

  • laverite

    BTW the NWT appearance is at about 19 or 20 seconds into the video.

  • leavingwt

    Welcome back!


    He has returned as No Room for George.

  • laverite

    Thank you for the kind welcome back, LeavingWT. Thanks for the heads up on MLE's name change to NRFG. I'll look him up and see what he's been posting.

  • hoser

    That caught my attention too when I watched the video. Maybe she's just a study.


  • laverite

    Good point Hoser. I was so shocked, I wasn't able to really process it. LOL.


    Hey Laverite!..

    Wheres your super hero get up?..


  • laverite


    I'm trying to figure out where I put my costume. I'll have it back within a couple of days. The spandex is callin' me!!!!


    [email protected]!!..

    Hey man,It`s a Cool Costume..


  • Bella15

    She can't possibly be a Witness --- the Watchtower among other things is a "CHARITABLE" corporation and wouldn't allow one of their elderly members go through such a terrible and sad situation ... plus... it seems she is a widow ... they'd have double reason to help her in obedience to God's command to help specially widows and orphans.

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