Are Jehovah’s Witnesses a Cult?

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  • sizemik
    I think I have to go shower now...

    Sorry to make you feel dirty. Valid points you make however.

    It might be fair to say though . . . that rather than certain elements being absent, it's more a case of the elements themselves being more or less intensely applied?

    Also, the divinity of the JW leadership is deliberately made obscure through the mythical F&DS . . . which while being more subtle, could also be seen as more insidious in it's effect.

    I caught up with a very old friend recently whose brother and SIL have just exited the Scientologists. I'm looking forward to comparing notes with them sometime over the next few months.

    Thanks for the reply.

  • man oh man
    man oh man

    When they put an ugly but chair on the stage at the kingdom hall and all 100 plus publishers think its the best, then you know its a cult.

    and of course I am saying to myself huh?????

  • the-illuminator81

    There is one simple question that identifies a cult:

    Is there a valid reason why one may quit your group?

    In a cult, there is never a valid reason to quit.

    Other revealing questions include:

    Are you allowed to speak with ex-members?

    Name three things you don't like about your group.

    Are you allowed to publicly disagree with parts of the doctrine?

    Does your group call itself "the truth"?

    Does your group advocate the end of the world being near?

    Is the main goal of your group something very urgent, on which all the time you can spare must be spent?

  • the-illuminator81

    Oh yeah another one..

    If something bad happens within your group, it is always the fault of the followers, never of the leaders.

  • talesin

    How many hours does this thread count for?

    Just curious ....

  • Wonderment

    Pams girl said:

    YES, they are a CULT.

    B - Behaviour Control

    I - Information Control

    T - Thought Control

    E - Emotional Control.

    And there you have it.


    I like your summary!


    Apeman: Good points!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    North Korea declares itself not an oppressive military dictatorship!

  • sd-7

    The article cited here really doesn't make any valid points. Witnesses do not take it upon themselves to issue relief supplies unless their own kind are the primary recipients. The only time they are immersed in humanity is when they are trying to recruit them to join the religion. Otherwise, they are directed not to have friends who are not JWs. They may not be isolated from humanity in a literal way, but psychologically, it's a prison with walls existent in the mind, which can be just as hard to bypass.

    The other factor is in the doctrine itself, which places the leadership in a sacred position--the soon-to-be future kings over the entire earth, on the same level as Jesus, the ones to whom the very New Testament was actually written! The fulfillment of 2,000-year-old Bible prophecies! I mean, seriously? That doesn't count as a consideration? They're considered as 'declared righteous', yet the other 99.9% of people in the religion have to wait 1,000 years + Armageddon in order to be the same?

    I mean, the only way you could consider that lightly is if you just don't bother to ponder the implications of the full range of teachings and what is printed in the literature, either to the public or to their own.

    "Dangerous mind-control cult" is a really generous way to describe it, if you ask me. It flows from the top down, so the regular folks end up practicing the same abusive tactics on each other that the leadership practices on them.

    There's no confusion about it. It's a cult. Hands down.


  • sd-7

    Not to mention the insistence that any negative reports made about Witnesses are false--"just like Jesus". I'm sure they'd use a strawman example of a misinformed news reporter rather than someone who had intimate knowledge of their true face. Just an example of propaganda.


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