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  • MrMonroe

    Things had changed by the time the old bastard died. When CTR died the Bible Students were dumbstruck, wondering what the hell they'd do next.

    When Rutherfiord died there was probably a huge collective sigh of relief. The Wikipedia article on Rutherford quotes a Watchtower in which a Bethel worker recalled: "It was at noontime when the family was assembled for lunch. ... The announcement was brief. There were no speeches. No one took the day off to mourn. Rather, we went back to the factory and worked harder than ever."

    From memory there were about four people at his funeral, and I'm not sure even his wife and son were there.

    By the time he died he had knocked all humanity out of his followers. No one dared grieve, because that was seen as being just like the world, and failing to have faith in the better life to come. Even today Witnesses are very stoic about death, holding back from any real show of emotion for fear of being viewed as lacking faith. Funeral services limit the comments about the departed individual to how much they "loved the truth" and looked forward to the new system, and then they cut straight to the recruitment section of the talk.

  • Ding
    Even today Witnesses are very stoic about death, holding back from any real show of emotion for fear of being viewed as lacking faith.

    The WTS culture forces JWs to suppress a lot of normal emotions or at least to hide them.

    Very unhealthy...

  • Quendi

    As strange as the circumstances of J.F. Rutherford's death and funeral were, I don't believe much has changed in the nearly seventy years following his death. Does anyone know where N.H. Knorr, F.W. Franz, and Milton Henschel, Rutherford's successors are buried? What were their funerals like and who attended?

    Rutherford was estranged from both his wife and son. His son wanted absolutely nothing to do with Jehovah's Witnesses. It was known that Rutherford was having an extramarital affair with one of the secretaries in Brooklyn. I'm not sure if this woman also worked in Beth Sarim where Rutherford spent his winters. I believe only one person from Brooklyn Bethel made the trip to San Diego for the funeral and that person certainly wasn't N.H. Knorr. The 1975 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses makes a perfunctory mention of Rutherford's death on 8 January 1942 and them moves quickly to Knorr's election as the WTS president on 13 January. From all I have read about Rutherford's tenure as WTS president, I'm surprised the Brooklyn headquarters staff didn't break out in a chorus of "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!"


  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    LOL Quendi!

  • elder-schmelder
  • VM44

    "The WTB&TS says he was buried on Staten Island in an unmarked grave not far from the old Watchtower Farm on Staten Island."

    It should be mentioned that all the Staten Island Watchtower plots are unmarked, and that the cemetery records were destroyed in a fire years ago!

    As a result, no one knows where anyone is buried!

  • Devil_Fish

    So you can spit on it no doubt.

  • Borgia

    Is it not interesting? No one knows where Moses is buries, or jesus for that matter ... only rumours and unsubstantiated claims. Well, I guess Booze must have been a profit then.



  • AwareBeing

    Some on this post may like the Society's own description....

    "the Valley of Hinnom", where "criminals bones were thrown"!

  • whathappened

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