Cult Practice; "Secret Files", clique only

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  • AwareBeing

    Another thing about the publishers files is the high minded attitudes

    that local elders have. They are presented as secret files for elders

    eyes only, and if you do get to look at yours it's only a 5x8 card with

    current FS time, name , bapt date, and publisher status that they

    show you! The real nity grity info is in the elders notebooks at home,

    and final decisions made by them in the KH filing cabinet. They brag that:

    "Only the elders, and the CO can see the publisher's records."

    They tease you by pointing to the file cabinet and say: "You can't open it,

    and you will never be allowed to look inside!" Also like a secret society

    they say: "You'll never see your files, unless you become an elder."

    Has anyone else experianced this?

  • baltar447

    I'm never going to see the steaming turds they drop in their toilets either, doesn't mean I give a crap.

  • rebel8

    Yes, many cults have levels of access to secret knowledge. Scientology, for example, does this too.

  • AwareBeing

    Thanks' Baltar; my family thinks those files are nothing more than worthless "crap" as well!

    Only HR enthusiasts can appreciate the usury value of this type of info. for their abusive techniques.

    Thank you NY Rebel; the org. looks like a pyramid scheme with those who get the most "numbers",

    being rewarded with "privileges" (AKA; ascendancy)! As a corp. promotes the best salespeople.

    Keep up the good work guys! "The fine fight of the faith", the eastern Yesuah's disciples; not NY cult!

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