How do JW's explain the shifting continants?

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  • highdose

    it has been established that all the continants used to be joined together and indeed are still moving.

    Scotland is part of Cananda and the mountians are still getting higher as is the himalayas.

    england is moving back towards france, the isle of wight is going to join up with the mainland and then eventually france when they all join up again.

    Africa is splitting in two gradually and i think its the maldives that are sinking back into the sea?

    Now as far as i'm aware... the JW's explain this by saying that the continants first spilt apart due to the flood. But we have seen how if theres an earthquake, which dosn't move the earth too much, it causes huge tidal waves ( can't spell tunsiarmy) . Now imagine that huge continants are now spliting apart under the flood waters, over the period of one year... this would have caused insane tidal waves that would have undoubtly sunk the ark.

    There is indeed in the mediterian sea a volcano underwater that is gradualy growing towards the surface. Italy and Greece are already arguing over whose the resulting island is going to be. This in itself proves how the earth developed by itself towards its current evoulation.

  • moshe

    The same way they explain shifting condiments!

  • highdose

    when i was in, i asked my jw ex boyfreind this, and his responce was not to belive me, but to say "i think we should wait and see what jehovah has in store!"


  • Quandry

    Yes, those continents would have had to be zooming around thousands of miles due to the flood at a dizzying pace.

    Didn't Garrit Loesch give a talk about this that was recorded? It is ridiculous, but sounds just scientific enough that those who always let the WTS "do the research" and have no real education fall for it.

  • Quarterback

    They use the scripture at Psalms 104:

  • highdose

    ok and what does that scripture say?

    ( i threw out my bible ages ago)

  • DaCheech

    we are peas, compared to the power of the earth!

    "mother nature" knows no religion, and can eat you up........ in a instant!

    Religious people end up loosing. look at footage film in Sicily, Italy of all the people praying as the volcanoes lava was flowing!


    same goes for the continents, scientist look at facts, and come up with realistic theories

  • highdose

    Theres a theory that Etna might sneeze its top off and take out a chunk of Italy some day. If god created earth then why didn't he shut up the volcanos? You know so that we didn't have them dumping toxic dust and gases on us?????

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    insane tidal waves that would have undoubtly sunk the ark

    It's highly doubtful that ships at sea would even notice. Tsunamis only get nasty when they hit the shore.

    When I point out that New Zealand only exists because of moving plates, volcanoes and earthquakes, JWs don't have much to say at all.

    They have all seen the news and there have been a lot of experts on TV explaining plate tectonics and how that replenishes our mountains, soil, fertility, food chain, etc..

    I would think that if the WT had ever published a shonky explanation, not many Kiwis JW would swallow it now.

  • unshackled

    Thought this was an interesting video....animates the how our current continents formed over millions of years. Also shows what they will be like 100 million years from now.

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