NYC Spirit Cruise

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  • moomanchu

    Went on this the luncheon cruise yesterday. Had a good time.

    Seen some of the most expensive real estate on the planet.

    Manhattan skyline (notice freedom tower under construction just left of the helicopter)

    Brooklyn bridge

    And of course the magazine bible & leaflet printing company. The park in front was new to me.

    The printing company sure knows how to market itself.

    Time and temperature clock next to a sign with it's best selling product.

  • OnTheWayOut

    NYC is in the top ten for most expensive real estate. In 2009, these were the top according to "price per square meter."

    Global Property Guide’s full top ten list is as follows:

    1. Monte Carlo, Monaco – $47,578
    2. Moscow, Russia – $20,853
    3. London, England – $20,756
    4. Tokyo, Japan – $17,998
    5. Hong Kong – $16,125
    6. New York, USA – $14,898
    7. Paris, France – $12,122
    8. Singapore – $9,701
    9. Rome, Italy – $9,166
    10. Mumbai, India – $9,163

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    OH, I feel so much better now. When I am overwhelmed looking for an apt in Manhattan, I can recall this list and think of Monoco. I visited Monoco and the French Riviera in college. Monaco was so perfect! I was there all day and never saw a single woman who did not look like a supermodel. The homes had pink tones and the water was exquisite. I've never seen such water anyplace else.

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