The Great Love of Your Life

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  • waiting

    The following quote is by Farkel from H20, explaining the slow changes in Rick, who is Forum Director? for H20.


    Posted by Farkel [Keflar] on January 09, 2001 at 07:47:38 {BwZcy8bR/QTkpANiRaAIvhKqcjatLo}:

    In Reply to: **Who on GB is responsible? posted by EQUALIBRIUM on January 09, 2001 at 03:19:02:


    It is part of the process. If you've ever lost a great love in your life, you would understand. I know. I did. First you hate her, then you love her. You are angry at her, and at the same time blame yourself. Then you are sad and confused. It's a cycle that repeats itself until you reach the level called acceptance.

    A relationship with the Watchtower organization is much the same. They promised that you would never die. They promised you unconditional love. They betrayed you and you vacillate from anger to hate to love to self-doubt to sadness. It's very hard to let go of a true love and of a person/organization that you trusted with every essence of your life.

    Eventually it resolves itself, but not without a lot of contradiction and conflict in the meantime.

    Rick is exactly where he needs to be right now in that process. It's up to him to get through it all. And he will, but not without pain and grief as the process unwinds.


  • Dharma

    It takes time to heal. The more time you've invested in it and the more you stand to lose, the harder it is to face the truth.

    I have wondered if Rick keeps h2o open, not because he agrees with the posters, but because it puts pressure on the GB to make needed changes. Changes are happening, the internet is a big part of that, in my opinion. In the end, perhaps you'll see a more mainstream religion emerge that is acceptable to the not-so-hardliners.

    FD2 is way cooler than Rick. They post to each other all the time--unless that's just a clever ruse.

  • amicus

    If this were a clever ruse, in time it would become apparent. Or, the time invested to maintain the subterfuge would become too exponential to continue. I, for one, care not. True or not, it strikes a raw nerve.

  • Dharma

    It's not true Amicus, they are two different people. If you don't care, why does it strike a raw nerve? Just curious.

  • SixofNine

    When I first got on the net, maybe 5 or 6 years ago, I found H20 immediately.

    I immediately left, like a good boy. It scared the hell out of me. I may have had a few dissonant thoughts about our beliefs, but I didn't want to be hit over the head with a sledgehammer. I assumed the stuff about "witnesses in good standing" was just a ruse, to lure people in.

    It may have been, it may be. But when logic got the best of me, and someone tricked me into visiting H20 again in the middle of last year, I was floored to realise that Rick, the owner of the site, really seems sincere in believing the WTBS can and should be reformed.

    Since then (the last 6 or so months) I have been lurking at H20, and indeed, the last month or so Rick seems to be changing his outlook noticeably.

    I was floored by Farkels analogy. Whether or not it applys to Rick, it sure hit home for me.

    And Farkel is really showing the Softer Side of Keflar there, isn't he?

  • Kismet

    As one of the more active Moderators of H20, I have had many dealings with Rick and have observed how FD2 handles matters.

    They are definitely two separate and distinct individuals.

    As far as Farkel goes, the Farkel personna is strictly an online personality. It is not who the real person is behind the name. The post copied above is a more accurate reflection of the real person, though I am sure he'll deny it adamantly! :)

    Regardless, the above is a great quote and a very accurate way to describe things. It was the only way I could express the sense of loss I felt once I realized teh truth of matters, either death or the loss of a loving relationship is the best way to describe the emotional process one goes through.


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  • amicus

    I did not mean for my comments to be obtuse. I consider this subject serious and laden with emotion. Kismet does a better job of explaining my sentiments. To more fully understand my comments, reread waitings post, and then my observation. I will elaborate if you wish me to. I would prefer to do this privately. My address is posted. You have my permission to post anything we discuss that you feel is relevant.

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    I'm going to jump in here even though I am pretty much in the dark when it comes to H20. Just on a personal note. I have compared leaving to death or divorce. If anyone has ever been through professional counseling, it is a known fact that one must go through stages. Every individual must go through these stages in order to deal properly with their loss.
    I think each and every one of us goes through these same stages when we leave or even drift from the org. and begin to question. It becomes such an integral part of our lives that when we lose it, it is like experiencing the death of a close loved one or a divorce. You can't skip any of the steps in progress. Otherwise at some point in time, it comes back to visit.
    We are each in different stages of the progress. Our responsiblity to each other is to give love and support. If there is a measure of understanding, all the better.

  • Frenchy

    To a person never 'in the truth' this could be simply an amusing way to kill some time. To those of us who's lives were totally entwined with the whole phenomena it's a different matter entirely. I think Rick keeps H20 open for the same reason many of us here feel compelled to come back again and again. We are seeking the truth now just as much as we were when we first began our association with the WTBS. I think that we are still looking for what we were looking for then.

    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

  • Dharma

    Amicus, I understand what you were referring to when you spoke of "raw nerve". Didn't mean to pry, but thank you for explaining!

    Kissy, I agree with what you said. Farkel's comparison is a good one.

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