Joliette leaves for New York Bethel tomorrow...ITS ON!!!!

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  • ShirleyW

    Well, besides the horrific part of your trip having to put up with a bus ride full of JDubs, I hope you enjoy the visit here, hope you can break away and see the real New York !

  • sabastious

    You have to speak in a Brittish accent the whole time and carry a droid connected to JWN at all times.


  • clarity

    Oh.....Jolliette don't even think of wearing crotchless panties ... someone else has already thought of that!!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run


    You so appreciate our shared agony but I love the tone of your humor! I attended radical conferences in high school The groups made you register with all your data! I was so naive I wrote it down. Somehow my mom found out. She was amused by my activities. Since she was expelled for being JW and all the draft trials during the WWII area, she hated the FBI. She wrly commented to write the names of my high school classmates. Ones with rich, professional parents who wore their hair just so. I did what she suggested! It was so funny.

    Something happened. One week everyone signed in properly; the next week as I registred my friends' names, I saw Donald Duck, George Washington, and Superman on the list. The SDS and Black Panther thugs let it go.

  • factfinder

    Joliette- you have a pm!

    Enjoy your visit- I will be very interested to hear about it!

  • daringhart13

    Ask your tour guide if you can meet an "overlapper" .....that you've always wanted to meet one in the flesh!!!

  • betterdaze

    Hi Joliette. Bit of advice: Look out for those wicked North Jersey girls just west of the mighty Hudson.

    You can spot us them by the big hair, blue eye shadow, and tacky plastic handbags in wild animal safari prints. With matching shoes, no less!

    I hear they're nothing but trouble.


  • antes8080

    Perverted Elder LOL!!! I just visited bethel myself and encourage me to do more as part of the conscious class..

  • serenitynow!

    It would be awesome if you could leave some apostate material around!

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