What is the average cost to build a new Kingdom Hall

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  • jworld

    I was recently told that the average cost to build a new Kingdom Hall in the United States rural midwest region was $250,000. I was shocked to say the least. I remember when my childhood congregation built a new hall in 1989 for $60,000. The difference seems to far exceed the inflation rate.

    I found that what cost $60000 in 1989 would cost $104136.80 in 2010. It's difficult to get a straight answer on how the RBC prices project. Is there anyone here on a RBC that can talk about who prices these projects out?

  • truthlover

    to build a house -- cost per sq ft is about 170.00 -250.00

    in my area anyway- used to be 65.00 sq ft and that only 15 yrs ago -- cost of bldg materials are exorbitant now.. but removing the cost of employees,due to the volunteers, that should drop the numbers to at least 100.00 sq ft.. say a 3000 sq ft bldg - $3 million - thats only about a 60 x50 size

    someone cld check the nbrs

  • outsmartthesystem

    I happen to be in an industry that deals with home values regularly. In the midwest.....we typically see an average cost per square foot of $85 to $105. That includes all materials and labor. Some homes and buildings are more than that and some are slightly less. Obviously if you are a law firm and you want granite table tops, mahogony floors and imported Italian marble everywhere.....you are looking at quite a bit more than $85 to $105 per square foot. The $85-$105 number is for standard materials that you would build a house with if you went to Home Depot and bought everything there.

    3,000 square feet at $100/square would be $300,000. Well more than half of that $300,000 would be in labor......so in my opinion, you can remove $150,000 from the $300,000 cost to build a new KH. Now we're at $150,000. I have trouble beliving that any quickbuild is being constructed using retail material prices......so let's knock another 15% off. We are now at $127,500. But then you have to take into consideration the cost of the land. Permits. Etc. Don't forget the parking lot. Concrete is EXPENSIVE. It would not shock me at all if the actual cost was over $200k

  • jworld

    ok so maybe $250k is reasonable. I have heard concrete work is amazingly expensive and one of the biggest items in home construction.

  • yourmomma

    when we knocked down our old hall and built another one it was around 200K, that seemed reasonable, but what got me was the cost they claimed for the turnersville assembly hall in jersey. It was like at least a few million, maybe 6 or 7? I dont remember but it just sounded fishy cause all the labor was volunteer, and alot of the materials were donations. how the hell could it cost that much? that was the first time i started to wonder, cause i rememner we and a ton of halls in the tri state area, filled out these forms provided by the society to promise to donate a certain ammount every month. So after the first 3 assemblys at the new place, they still talked about needing money, and being in the red for the assembly expenses. It just didnt click, free labor, discounted supplies, massive donations from everyone in the tri state area, and its still not paid off? made no sense. now i know, that whole in the red annoucement at the assemblies is a flat out lie.

  • TotallyADD

    Where we came from KH cost 500,000 to 1 million. I agree with what others are saying with no labor cost why so high. I do know when they buy from another R&F member they pay retail prices. Some would just charge material but many others it was business as usual. Totally ADD

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Here is how the RBC scam works as a money maker for the Borg. This is based on some conversations I've had with people who know people - not firsthand info. Someone who knows more, please correct me where I'm mistaken. Anyone who does NOT know more, please don't.

    RBCs represent the local congregation or circuit (depending on whether it's a KH or Ass. Hall being built) and hire JW contractors and purchase materials from JW owned companies whenever possible. These contractors and companies may charge full retail prices (or give a nominal discount) to the local congregation or circuit, even when they are donating their goods and services in reality, or keeping only a portion to cover time and expenses. The overage is then donated to the Watchtower - usually to the Worldwide Work. So the local groups are PAYING for supplies and for work to be done but a big chunk of the money ends up in the hands of the Borg.

    Clever, isn't it?

  • PaintedToeNail

    yourmomma-wasn't Turnersville Assembly Hall the one they had to tear apart some of the work from the beginning and start again? I thought it was faulty work or materials and they had to tear what they built down and start over. Someone I knew worked on the brick crew for an assembly hall in Jersey and that was the problem.

  • the-illuminator81

    When my cong wanted to rebuild their KH for 400K euros, Bethel was not pleased. The design had to be simplified down to 280K euros. We obeyed. We built it on the same land as the old hall, so no cost in acquiring land.

    Another cong made plans to rebuild their KH for 900K euros. They had the money from selling the land of their old KH and had to buy a certain piece of relocated land somewhere else, ordered by city hall. Bethel was not pleased. The cong went through with it, and Bethel told them that they would not send a brother for the initiation of the hall. This cong was already known as the black sheep cong at Bethel and is often supplied with special pioneers and a higher frequency of CO visits than normal to straighten out the dubbies there. Now the relations with Bethel are at an all time low. I was surprised that the BOE was not relieved after this whole affair.

    Often land prices can really drive up the cost of a hall, especially in western europe.

  • Honesty

    It really doesn't matter how much it costs to build a new kingdom hall when you think of all the life-giving spiritual food that comes out of one.

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