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    Post a video, pic, joke, or anything to make us laugh or anything that makes us appreciate the end of the week and the weekend upon us.

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    It had been raining in the night and Brooder Skeptick had hoped it’d be pissing it down Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the sun came up the birds tweeted in the trees and he had to go on the ministry. No excuses this time. No rain to remove the guilt he felt for not forcing the ClockTower onto ‘worldly’ people that Jar-Hoover would murder at Argh-my-giddy-bum.

    He checked the ‘Day’s text’ in case the overbearing study overseer asked his usual pompous ‘I know more than you’ questions about the inane drivel contained in the text.

    No doubt it would be the usual Saturday’s ‘do more in the ministry or be murdered by God and feel guilty’ couched in a rosy sounding sc-rupture that had a totally different meaning.

    A breakfast of Cornflukes and nausea was swilled down with coffee. As a member of Jar-Hoover’s Happy-pill People our Brooder took some vallium.

    The meeting was cold, spiritless and yet another attempt to encourage recruiting into the publishing business.

    The overbearing overseer did indeed ask questions only designed to make himself look superior. He handed out the terror-try and arranged for those who loathed each other to work together.

    He really is a twat and there are plenty like him!

    Our Brooder dragged his feet along Bumstead Road (even numbers with 34, 36, 38 as a DNC). His partner, a young Brooder, Ezra Keen, was full of spunk in so many ways.

    Keen: ‘This week’s ClockTower is so encouraging. The best yet!’

    Skeptick: ‘Yes! They’re always better than the last one!’

    Keen was unsure what Skeptick meant but unabashed continued: ‘Yes, the ‘New Light’ is truly exciting about ‘over flapping germinations’. Sowing the seed! It couldn’t get any better!’

    Skeptick: ‘The lies get brighter!’

    Keen: ‘Oh, sounded like you said ‘lies’ there for a minute! Ha, ha!’

    Skeptick: ‘Oh, ha, ha! I’m the ClockTower reader this week..what joy!!’

    ‘Oh, wow. What a grand privilege of unity in this time of the end as we go our separate ways, so that’s fine isn’t it!’

    ‘What a shame. It’s starting to rain. Oh, well, see you tomorrow! I’m off home!’

    ‘OK. Nice working with you…..but it’s not raining..?’

    ‘Yeah, but you lot are a real shower. I can’t stand this anymore, no offence but you can read the ClockTower for me instead. I'm off, give the Brooders my love and tell them to do more research on the internet about ClockTower history. You too!’

    Thus a happy ending for both Brooders.

    Keen went on to be a regular reader of the ClockTower and would bend over backwards for the overseers (especially behind closed doors).

    Skeptick went of to join the Vast Apostate Army and was last seen marching toward Brooklyn on 05/11/2017 with his troop.

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    ..the mmmumblies get brighter. I'm using that one!! ha haha

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