Difference between a mountain & a valley

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  • Glander

    If you have limited posts try to say what you want to say on one post instead of breaking it into separate posts. You do have an ugly avatar.

  • N.drew

    English is my language of understanding. But from a theocratic point of view I speak Bible.

    From a personal philosophical personal point of view, I speak American Indian, not the language,

    the, can I call it, heart? How so? I'm really angry with good reason AND I am the only one

    who understands me. That would be a reference to lost language, as many Indian dialects are lost.

    I don't blame you. (OK, that you do not understand me.) I consider myself lazy and stupid that

    I do not understand any other language but English. But on the other hand, it is good that there

    has been a dividing of language as I can not say for sure I am all alone in the WHOLE world, just all alone in

    the English speaking world of the computer. Savvy?

  • N.drew

    One example is thus: They (everybody else) says "The Great Day of Jehovah" is in association

    with a WAR. But look up what is translated "war" can it not be meaning quarrel? It is as

    "plain as the nose on your face". It means quarrel. I am running out of posts. You do not

    want me to write another Bible. OK?

  • N.drew

    Last post. It is what I thought the Organization of Jehovah's Witnesses did.

    They led me to believe they had the correct understanding of Bible. Do your own research,

    most of what they teach as God's word they adopted from what was already "understood".

    But what we have so far, and the Earth suffers, is MAN"S interpretation of The Word.

    Jesus said "they make the word of God invalid" because they believe man's interpretation

    of it. It is really so simple but the "inspired expressions" misled everybody, almost everybody.

    Seeing I am the only one who cares, I shall not publish ANOTHER version of the Bible.

    Who would buy it? I am not the only one who cares? That is good news to me!

  • N.drew

    Genesis 22:14

    The difference I see is the word rendered "will be provided" in the NWT is "see" in my translation.

    So they say they are the elevated place of true worship (the mountain of Jehovah), therefore

    the mind will logically conclude that it is really there that the "spiritual food" will be found.

    But it says "sees", does it not? My theory is it is the mockers coming with their mockery that say

    "where?" because Jesus isn't there. They can not see him. But on the mountain of Jehovah

    he can be seen. Matthew 17:1-3

    Not a mountain they are, it is a low plain Joel 3:14

    Matthew 24:16

    Mark 13:14

    Luke 21:21

    There is not another name by which we must get saved Acts 4:12 Jesus

    Ephesians 1:18-23

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