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  • Terry

    Start with: "If one obstinately is speaking about or deliberately spreading false teachings, this may be or may lead to apostasy. If there is no response after a first and a second admonition, a judicial committee should be formed."

    Respond with: I only answer direct questions initiated by others. I don't volunteer my opinions. If I answer your questions will you then SPREAD my opinons around? Or, do I speak in confidence?

    Close with: I speak about these worries and concerns over the Society's teachings with JEHOVAH when I pray. After all, it is HIS religion.

  • the-illuminator81

    outsmartthesystem: I have no idea.. maybe they'll offer to study the matter together?

  • allelsefails

    I recently had a Judicial Committee for Apostasy. I have written a letter to the branch asking questions. The branch decided they were "too busy" to answer my questions. They had the local elders come to me and NOT try to answer my questions. Then they were instructed by the branch to have a judicial committe with me. To determine what kind of "help" they could offer me.

    The ONE and Only question they cared about was "Do you believe the Governing Body is the group Jehovah is using to cokmmunicate with men today in fulfillment of Matt 24:45?" I said yes because my wife asked me not to get disfellowshipped.

    I was convicted of Apostasy (which I denied constantly) but given a private reproof. Interesting fact of Judicial committee - You can't appeal a private reproof (or public) only disfellowshipping can be appealed. So no chance to appeal. Now I am not allowed comments at meetings or any of the other things I had to "spread" my ideas.

    If you would like any of the specifics here just PM me and I can forward copies of letters and research I gave GB and elders and received. I was an elder for 6 years and I know "both sides of the table".

  • wannabefree
    The branch decided they were "too busy" to answer my questions.

    I can't help but wonder if the "Faithful Slave" is purposely attempting to keep their official answers to a minimum. Let the local elders handle it, no official Watchtower letterhead to be circulated on the internet picking apart their answers.

  • aristeas

    I find it so very difficult to trust any of them any more after knowing how deceived and deceitful they all are. They just do whatever they want. I remember hearing some elders say, 'Oh don't worry about the details. We'll just get him on being rebellious'. Once the trust is gone, it's pretty much impossible to restore it.

    allelsefails: thanks for sharing your rexperience.

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