How are Bible Studies Conducted?

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run


    I was born-in and now don't understand why I wasn't invited by my aunt and grandmother to a study. I am crying remembering my loneliness. My parents had strong multigenerational ties, extending to Bethel and prison. My parents did it b/c their parents did it. Although he was a bodyguard to Knorr and Rutherford, and my uncle was his closest friend at Bethel, neither my father or uncle talked to us about doctrine. My father had juicy tales but I never heard it from him. I can't believe he confided in my mother ever but she was a Greek chorus of Jehovah's Witnesses are our religion. She was expelled at 14 for flag salute. She dreamed of higher education. Interestingly, there was a JW school in a different state set up for the expelled children. Her parents were adamant that she not go there. When my father was not around, she told me not to worry about A. b/c she lived through a couple of dates. Close friends gave up everything and went up some mountain. They were utterly ruined. My mind was akin to a tennis volley. Rah, Rah JW vs. don't take it utterly seriously.

    My father loved conventions or to visit Bethel to visit cronies. He also loved the food. I was forced to do everything but he did little. Sisters prayed with a hanky on their head. He was bright, knew how to mix with people. My mom assumed she was marrying a WT dignitary in NY. I wonder why he never said boo to the hanky sister. So the neighborhood kids did not want commie friends who were not Christian. I prayed so long for a single JW friend. Everyone was like forty years older than me. Finally, a socialization date was made with a Bethel friend who was married and had children. I played with a JW girl my age. The problem was that the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan that night. I was one of three girls my age not watching a video of Hello, Goodbye. Those girls are on my hit list. I was forced to watch bluegrass music as the tears just flowed and flowed before the video recording age.

  • BluesBrother

    I only had one B/Study that was "progressive" for a while.

    It is true that you, the conductor hold the script - the schmuck provides the answers and , lo and behold! ,it says the same in the Bible (which you have given him)

    I believe that people accept it, not because of the arguments but because they are ready and willing to join up. They want to believe...if not, they soon stop it .

    As somebody said, it is a tested technique like a marketing script and it works if the "student" wants it to work.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Precisely. I called the FBI about some Internet scams from Nigeria. They said privately they felt every victim deserved it for being so damn greedy and foolish. It is unheard of in my circles for someone to sit down and follow such an obvious set up. It must all fall down to will the study obey the rules. Before they actually start studying, the result is evident.

    How do Witnesses feel when the person refuses to follow the format? What do you say? I would feel as though I screwed up completely if someone just said they did not believe in the one-sided process and where is the Bible. It must be very awkward. If you are a JW, a baptism must be a big deal.

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