What WOULD happen?

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  • Cinciguy74

    We all know that the WTS has many times in the past changed their current stance on "scriptural" issues, changing the rules as they were. But what would be the effect if something major, but not completely counter, to their teachings were to change? For instance, the blood issue would send many straight to the doors since someone would scream about blood guilt (and anyone with sense would see it). But what if it were something simple like Birthdays?

    They could easily switch their stance on Birthdays without causing a major stir, as there is nothing pagan about it, and might even be able to reason it from scripture. How quickly would the first Birthday party invitations go out?

  • OnTheWayOut

    They have been phasing out the blood issue with fractions slowly so that members don't leave in droves.

    They would do the same with birthdays or gambling or whatever. They would simply let it be a personal decision, then criticize anyone for judging others on their personal decisions.

    When you are a dangerous mind control cult, you can radically change doctrine like "generation" with smoke and mirrors, but basic practices that define who you are have to be modified carefully.

    I can see such things as allowing birthdays as possible before losing young people, but it still seems like a fake rumor. A better fake rumor would have been an end to the recruiting work.

  • Cinciguy74

    Not a rumor at all. Just a theoretical question.

    I am more curious what people think would happen. I agree though that removing stigma would be a step to keeping some of the younger ones, and the older ones would likely just roll over and take it because "Where else is there to go?"

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    they'd make it a "concience matter". which pretty much means: those of you who can't stop doing it, go ahead, while the hardcore JWs are still allowed to think it's bad. no more new articles on the topic and in time everyone forgets about it and thinks it's always been like that.

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