Adam Created at 3:00 AM?

by Marvin Shilmer 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • sabastious

    Why does it matter? Numerology coupled with chronology was big in those days.

    A little known fact is that George Lucas actually got his Indiana Jones idea, namely the big rolling ball booby trap scene, from the early work of Charles Taze Russell's work in the Pyramid of Giza. Chuck didn't have a whip though he carried a razor sharp measuring tape.


  • sizemik

    Indiana Jones is actually the founder of the JW's? . . . brilliant! We can now refer to Chuck as "junior"

  • Bella15

    Okay ... why does it matter???? LOL What that info has to do with the preaching of the GOSPEL of Jesus? How you obtain salvation by knowing that "watchtower fact" ... cleary like said before ... they use this kind of BS to IMPRESS JWs ...

    Gosh the other day my poor mom ... was telling me about some new light about goverments ... I don't remember very well the issue, but I felt so sorry for her ... I asked mom what does it have to do with Salvation, where is the Gospel in that? How that info help you live a better life, be a better neighbor, feed orphans and widows !!!!?????

    Pure BS

  • isojourn

    Jesus died 12 hours after, I learned that watching the Exorcist. I think...

    Thank you Watchtower and the Exorcist.

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