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  • youngbro

    WT June 15, 2011, page 12, paragraph 5:

    In regard to Adam and Eve:

    "God gave them but one limiting directive..."

    Think of the implications that this makes~

  • serenitynow!

    You mean that other than that there were no rules in the Garden?

  • youngbro

    According to that statement, I would say so.

  • AnneB

    Why is this surprising? WT has "always" said that. Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden, given directions on managing the land and the creatures, then told they could eat from every tree except one...and that's the limiting directive. They didn't need rules, they were in charge...they made the rules, or were supposed to, anyway. Were you taught something different by WT?

  • youngbro

    Of course it was an "unwritten" law. However, as far as my knowledge goes, I have never seen that in print before. I found it humorous almost because by that being stated, they could have had other forms of sex.

  • Perry

    You are indeed a young bro. Running used to help me.

  • shepherd

    The irony of that limiting directive is that Adam and Eve were supposedly unaware of the difference between right and wrong at the time.

    It's like telling a baby not to put their thumb in their mouth, but all the fingers are ok. How kind of God to allow a baby to use any and all its fingers. And if that baby disobeyed and used its thumb because a stuffed toy spoke to it and said it was okay really, well then it deserved to die. Sick!

  • AnneB

    Shepherd, most English translations use the words "good" and "evil" when telling the temptation story. That's not the same as "right" and "wrong".

  • youngbro

    Not sure is that was a compliment or a insult Perry...

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    AnneB, could you elaborate on the evilness of eating fruit?

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