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  • ssn587

    A friend told me recently that he isn't having much if anything ever to do again with his siblings, his spouse passed away, and yet none of his brothers and sisters have donated a dime to help with the funeral costs or anything else, the siblings didn't even send flowers to the funeral. he is saing that's it, they have been written off of his list to ever help if and when they have this problem. The siblings aren't even jdubs. So he is really pissed at them.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Uhuh. Ok.

  • NewChapter

    That happened to a woman I know. She is a witness and her brother is an elder. When their non-witness brother died, she had him cremated. She is on SSD and has absolutely no extra income. Her elder brother (who works) refuses to donate anything toward laying those ashes to rest. So she has her brother in a box. Lovely people.


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  • wasblind

    That is so sad to hear :(

  • OnTheWayOut

    ssn587, his being "pissed off" may or may not be appropriate. We don't know what his situation is/was with his siblings. They may not see that he needs any financial help. I know that my siblings would assume that I had the finances to deal with a funeral. They may assume that any shortfall on finances is covered by someone else. Many people assume that there was insurance or that the government pays for the basic burial. I think nobody should expect financial assistance in such a situation to be volunteered, but that they would need to specifically ask for such help. Did he do that?

    On the other hand, siblings should typically say "Is there anything you need?" Sending flowers is a nice gesture. You didn't mention if they are a long distance away and whether they actually attended the funeral at all. I assume they did not. Did they even send a card of condolences?

  • Scully

    Karma is your friend.

  • ssn587

    OTWO no not even a card, which like i said pisses him off cause when one sibling lost a child he donated big time to help them out, he is or was always helping them out when in time of need. They are all better off than he is, he is retired and on a fixed income, and now is really cutting corners to try and pay off the funeral costs and make ends meet. when another siblings spouse died he again helped out sent card and money to help with expenses for both parties and now when its their turn so to speak they blow him off. He wont be getting any insurance her health wouldn't ever let her get any so he is on the dole for all of it. And yes they all live away from him but my gosh, It is people like me that are trying to help and it pisses me off too to say the least. Now he knows.

    scully: well for sure what didn't come around this time will bite them in the arse when they lose a spouse thats for sure he is finally waking up to their lack of care now.

  • jamiebowers

    It seems that some families are just like that...a bunch of users. My husband contributed for all the high school and college graduations of his nieces and nephews except the one time he was in the hospital. But when his son graduated from high school, not one of my husband's siblings even sent a card. Now we don't accept any of their invitations for anything nor do we extend them. By the way, his family is not jw either.

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