Where did you get your toolbox? Your MIND is your toolbox.

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  • Terry

    Do we accept as fact something we are told?

    Often, we do IF we respect the people who tell us.

    This is true of Buddhists, Wiccans, Jews, Muslims, Communists and even Christians.

    Inside your family there are beliefs accepted by respectable parents, grandparents and sibling. Some of those beliefs are, of course, errors.

    Once you reach an age of autonomy and accountability your personal character reveals an astounding fact:

    you are either an intellectually honest thinker or you are not .

    Intellectual honesty compels us to follow facts and dismiss errors even when they CLASH with dearly held beliefs.


    How do you get there?

    How often will you follow facts to conclude you hold ERROR in high esteem?

    For a Muslim child there is only Allah and Muhammed. How could there be any other?

    For a Communist there is only radical Socialism with fascist authority. How could there be any other?

    It takes a deep-seated respect for FACTS to create curiousity and skepticism worthy of honest investigation of our DEEPLY HELD BELIEFS.

    We have to step OUTSIDE of our beliefs, family, leaders and system to take an honest first step.

    The air is always different on the OTHER side of a conviction.

    IT HURTS to be wrong and it is disastrous to be dead wrong!

    At a certain point in my life I had to face the indisputable FACT that I had spent 20 years worshipping a tribal God and serving crackpot cult nonsense as though it were THE TRUTH.

    How could I trust THE SAME BRAIN to allow me to make a NEW selection when my previous convictions were in such error?

    I had to REBUILD my brain from scratch!

    I needed a new toolbox.

    I studied semantics, rhetoric, logic, history, fallacies and the great minds of the past to REBOOT my thinking mechanism.

    That took another 20 years.

    Then, I rooted out all my basic concepts and REdefined my core definitions.

    With a new toolbox I investigated anew.

    Ever try to use Metric Tools on American made cars?

    Try using Metric religious tools on a REALITY-based life.

    I would suggest you think about your own toolbox and how you came to possess it.

    How is your brain--that led you into Jehovah's Witnesses--any different?

    How could it be?

    Did you jump right back into another religious belief which you now defend as strenuously?

    Your thinking TOOLS are hard won. It takes considerable effort to reshape the neural pathways in the brain.

    Your map of your world is an VIRTUAL reality and not reality itself.

    How can you more closely align virtual with actual?

    Where did you get your toolbox? Your MIND is your toolbox.

    Ask yourself how many products are sold to the public largely on PERSONAL TESTIMONY?

    A talking head says it is great and that is what passes for fact.

    Do you have a favorite talking head you get your facts from?

    Do you watch one news station only?

    Do you root for only one sports team?

    Do you adhere solely to one political persuasion?

    Binary choices are often a SYMPTOM of black and white reasoning based---not on FACT--but, on knee-jerk bias.

    What deep rooted BIAS do you now possess?

    How can you find it and eliminate it?

    Questions like this are a good start.

  • Perry

    Preaching Materialism ?

  • Terry

    Preaching materialism ?

    Good Morning, Perry!

    Do we live in an actual world with actual problems or a spiritual world with spiritual problems or a combination of the two? How would we know it?

    Skeptical investigation should not be confused with cynicism.

    A healthy willingness to step back and ask ourselves "What if I am wrong?" can only be a good thing.

    I ask myself this constantly.

    How often do you find you are WRONG on something? How would we know? How can we change it?

    These, Perry, are questions worth asking----don't you agree?

  • sizemik
    I studied semantics, rhetoric, logic, history, fallacies and the great minds of the past to REBOOT my thinking mechanism.

    With you all the way on this one Terry. You could add some scientific fields of interest to the above list . . . along with some of the great analytical minds that science has been graced with. One notable individual among the many I investigated was A Einstein . . . not so much as a source of knowledge or philosophical concepts . . . but as an example of how to get the best out of your brain. He always maintained that his mind was no better than anyone elses . . . and that it all comes down to how you use it. Einstein sought to "simplify" as much as he could . . . to break matters down into their elementary components and make them easier to understand. He had a pretty good toolbox and was always receptive to new ways of viewing things.

    I remember something he wrote . . . something akin to "How can I claim to be the one who is right? . . . when some of the greatest truths I have learned, have come from the minds of other men"

  • Terry

    The harshest truth of all truth? I THINK I think I know isn't the same as: I KNOW.

    What event would disprove what I know? That is the key question!

    A jar sits on a desk in a college lecture room.

    The Professor enters and the students observe:

    "Raise your hand as soon as you know what this jar contains" the Professor tells the class.

    "By all means use your intelligence. Speed of conclusion is vital to this demonstration..."

    One by one the Professor begins removing one marble at a time. A black marble, another black marble, another and another...

    One by one hands start to raise. Some hesitant at first and others with more enthusiatic confidence.

    After a hundred or so black marbles have been removed, suddenly, the Professor pulls out a WHITE marble!

    Some hands drop....others remain aloft.

    More white marbles, one after another....and so on....

    Hands go up again....

    Suddenly there is a RED marble!

    At the end, on the Professor's desk sits several hundred marbles of many colors.......and a pair of DICE!

    The Professor looks out at his class.

    "Who of you were right all along? Who of you were partially right? Who of you were merely confident of a pattern that didn't play out?"

    We could all benefit from this example!

    We are RIGHT until we are WRONG.

  • PSacramento
    We are RIGHT until we are WRONG.

    Which begs the question:

    Why ANYONE should take anyone's view as anything but a simple possibility?

    We shouldn't.

    Anything is possible, even if not probable.

    We are the sum of our expereinces.

  • Terry

    Which begs the question:

    Why ANYONE should take anyone's view as anything but a simple possibility?

    Until it is a matter of life or death, the "penalty" for trusting somebody's opinion, view, notion, conjecture or authoritarian assertion is seldom disastrous.

    But, in matters of security, safety, money, health and such--due diligence is a must.

    This is why religion is often a phony choice of absolutes. Imaginary LIFE or DEATH is put on the same level with actual life or death.

  • adonai

    Appreciate the efforts you put into your posts Terry. Always informative and expandive!

  • Terry

    The hard part is having ideas for posts!

  • adonai

    I can imagine. Creativity is hard work.

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