Something has really annoyed me and I need to get it off my chest

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  • hellenback

    I have worked for west indians in london over the years both on a fruit and veg stall in croydon a for a family of kitchen fitters . I found racism rife in this group and suffered it personally. Racism is something that is prevelant from all races black, white, asian, arabic and jewish. White people have been told for decades that we are inherently racist and black people have it inbred into them that we are that way. We as a whole have been blamed for slavery but we should not forget that it was black africans that sold black africans into slavery and the british were the first to outlaw it. In fact it was'nt just william wilberforce but whole british towns and cities that signed petitions for it to be stopped. WHITE cities. We in the uk are the most accomadating with regards to immigration but many have had enough of being overlooked for jobs because of cheap eastern european labour . losing out on housing to people who have just arrived here. Imported criminals stating human rights to get out of deportation and punishment.

  • i_drank_the_wine

    I dunno, if you are a white person going to an ATM at night, and you can walk two paths to get it, one with an urban dressed black guy, one with a white guy, you'll probably pick the white one. Is it racism? Maybe. Do crime statistics justify the person's actions? Maybe. Are people more comfortable with their "own kind"? Probably. It wouldn't bother me much really, going either way.

    That being said, in the past I have known quite a few JW's (including 2-3 elders) that loved making jokes and comments that were clearly racist without batting an eyelash. The JW's love to beat that drum and say "we're different than everyone else", but outside of their public airs at the Kingdumb Hall I've known them to be just as foul, dishonest, and shitty as any other random non-JW person that's also shitty. Their spiritual paradise is a fucking fart in the wind.

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