Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 08-14-2011 WT Study (RECOMMEND LOVE)

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  • blondie

    Basically, I never felt that works could earn or qualify humans for eternal life/salvation. How did humans in general qualify for this "free gift" if it was given while humans were yet sinners? They did not "qualify" and would never do so on their own. I do believe that how one uses a gift can indicate to the giver whether they have true appreciation for it. (Romans 3:23,24)

    This is one of the teachings that confound and confuse jws like:

    1) How to settle in one's mind that God is going to kill all non-jws and their children eternally at Armageddon, especially when the WTS has admitted in writing that not all individuals will be preached to regarding the WT version of the kingdom.

    2) Is Jesus the mediator of just anointed jws or all jws? Most jws believe he is the mediator for all jws, but not the WTS no matter how often this teaching is explored in their publications.

  • jmorgan74


    Just to make sure I understand, you're saying that you told the man at the house that you thought salvation is a free gift, but that we can act in ways that show appreciation for the gift?

    I personally believe that salvation is something that anyone can have, but we can also lose it. (Jude 5 ; Heb.2:3,4; 6:4,6; 10:26,27) We must "endure" in our Christian life (Mt.10:22). If we stop practicing righteousness, or even reject Christ, we will lose it.

    While I think the WTS overemphasizes some of the details over others, I don't really think they've gotten the basic framework wrong.


  • dozy

    Thanks Blondie - like others , I enjoy your posts & analysis but am guilty of not bothering to say thanks. Is it just me , or are these Watchtowers just so boring & irrelevant? What exactly is the whole point of articles like these other than to fill a few pages of a Watchtower and an hour of peoples time? I can see myself sitting through it (or perish the thought , actually conducting , the study) and just seeing a blur of bored people , only a third of whom even bother to answer or read a scripture during the study.

  • blondie

    Good point, jp.

    I personally believe that salvation is something that anyone can have, but we can also lose it.

    Not exactly the once-saved, always saved, some people put forth.

    Thanks everyone to letting me know who is out there in View Land.

    Your comments help me too; everyone's insight adds to the whole picture.

    Yes, the articles are basically placeholders. Fred Franz had confidence in his approach, wrong though it might have been. I grew up with that approach; today's is cut and paste, legalistic, able to be "clarified" or "adjusted" should their opinions not be confirmed by future events. In many ways the opinion of older jws who felt that Fred Franz challenged the mind was more the bury them deep in crap and obscure the lack of a goal. It reminds me of a professor I worked with that would "impress" us with his vocabulary but without anybody understanding the point.

  • Chariklo


  • WTWizard

    This is another classic create a problem, then generate a fake "solution(??)" that merely serves their interests. Then you need to waste your life to get God's so-called "love(??)", and then he has the nerve to call it undeserved. Certainly I cannot recommend this example of "love" from that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag--nor can I recommend the stock examples in the Unholy Bible. I wasn't there, I never received any of that love, so I cannot recommend it.

  • BluesBrother

    I am sure that a certain number of the cong relished a study containing "meat" that exercised their brains if they tried to follow it and another number who groaned and let it pass them by. The death of Jesus and his sacrifice should be simple, it is after all the chief teaching of Christianity....

    Para 11 had a subtle 'new light ' in it...They quoted the "Insight book" and said that it WAS understood that the ransom included Jesus and the potentially perfect children that he could have produced, to balance sinful Adam and all of us...Now the ransom has "changed" . Does that mean that God has changed his direction? Has the Holy Spirit been misleading them on the most important point of their beliefs for all these years?

    Now they say that the ransom was just Jesus alone, and his life balances Adam....which is all that most dubs knew anyway...

    BTW. I wondered how Jesus could have been the "Source of billions of perfect descendents"? If he had disobeyed God and married instead of being a Ransomer then he would have been a perfect deliberate sinner, just like Adam ...surely? and could have only passed on sin to his offspring..And also if he had married a righteous Jewish girl then she would have been imperfect so her children would have been imperfect ????

    Para 13 said that "It was not that God owed it to the apostles and others to apply the ransom" instead he did it out of love. O K that may be true of the human race but once Jesus had promised a Heavenly reward to his faithful disciples, surely he was obliged to follow through and provide it? (Or am I missing something?)

    The article is all about the great love of God in providing this arrangement but I read before in the Insight Book that mankind's salvation is incidental to His great eternal purpose which, they say , is the "Sanctification of his name". That comes first and any benefits we ge are merely "extras" . So who is he loving first? ...according to their teaching??? I guess it depends on who writes the article and what point they wish to be making...

    Thanks BLONDIE !

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Thanks Blondie!

    That Watchtower is much the same recycled stuff with hemophelia added in. With my departure and looking at this stuff with rationality, the huge problem that they are trying to talk around is that in the Mosaic Law sacrifices brought immediate benefit. However, with Jesus sacrifice it's been nearly 2000 years and the promised blessings according to Watchtower are nowhere in sight... unless you believe in the 1914/1918/1919 stuff that's all invisible. So they have to come up with all this verbose "declared righteous" stuff that is rather meaningless. A turd could be "declared delicious", but I still ain't gonna take a bite!

    While Watchtower twists things to make the sheeple work so hard for the "free gift", the reasonable understanding used by most of 'Christendom' gets condemned by JWs.

  • punkofnice

    Sorry, I just can't get past para 1. I don't see the relavance of the 'worldly' quote. Although no doubt, 7.5 million 'mind cleansed' people WILL see and say it is the best reference since the one before which was better than the one before that and so on.

    Blondie you are a princess amongst us. You critique in a very intelligent and thought provoking way. Gawd bless ya m'am!!

  • carla

    Thank you Blondie!

    I am of the opinion that jw's simply cannot wrap their heads around 'free gift' no matter how or what you say to them. I think Christ Himself could come to a kh and explain it to them and they would all go looking for a wt to see if it was so.

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