Will mankind ever be united?

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  • jam

    This morning reading the paper, Latinos target

    of more hate crimes. While hate crimes against

    Latinos increased by 47 percent, hate crimes against

    Jews, blacks and LGBT community decreased.

    What is the hell wrong with people.

    You think if we dicovered that intelligent life

    exist other then here on earth, this may finally

    unite mankind. Why do people have so much

    hate for his brother. It makes me sick.

  • cptkirk

    as long as people have reasons to claim superiority , nope. which means never. whether the superiorty manifests as physical appearance, intelligence, wisdom, physical abilities, etc etc.

    the only way intelligence from another planet would unite mankind, is if they attacked us, and we had to band together to defend earth. so we either all die, or we win the battle, and then go back to hating eachother...so that alien notion is sort of ridiculous for that reason.

  • steve2

    Your question is blood in the water for meat-loving religionists. They'll be baniging on your door offering their many and varied reasons for human behaviour (e.g., original sin, atonement, God-resucw). You may need some medication on hand to juggle and prioritize their zany and all-too-confident answers. Or you could open your eyes and look around your neighbourhood for answers: We live in a world in which even 'awe-inspiring' nature and its processes are essentially violent and destructive, with one form of life feeding off another. If you eat meat, you're part of that process and if you don't, you've probably innocently stood on your fair share of life, squashing it into the brutal earth. Civilization lends a thin stream of niceness to the landscape - but it's thin and barely contains the anger and violence simmering underneath us all. Will mankind ever be united? Will viruses and bacteria ever stop their relentless work? Stop and smell the decay and re-generation.

  • Sulla

    Steve suggests you embrace the suck: the only authentic human is a violent human. Interesting. Still, some have felt that we really are somehow "meant" to be more than this and suggest that something is wrong with the way we are. On the other hand, some cultures' creation myths insist that we are made from dragon's blood, all of us. If so, steve would seem to be right, wouldn't he?

  • moshe

    Maybe, people are getting scared of the statistics that suggest Hispanics will become the majority in America in another 50 years? A bilingual country is not a positive move for America. In the past, different ethnic groups assimilated, but Hispanics in many areas don't do that now. I had Hispanics come into the BMV (SW FL) last winter and they got angry when we couldn't provide a Spanish speaking drivers license clerk.

  • designs

    We are the most aggresive animal of all of the species on earth, that is why we came to dominate by any means necessary. Now the challenge is to preserve this earth for future generations. We need to get that concept into practical living modes for 7 billion inhabitants.

  • jam

    Article "unification of mankind.

    What can be done to insure the harmonious

    development of human personality both from psychological

    and social point of view.

    In this respect there are three theories: Materialistic theory,

    Idealistic theory, and last realistic theory.

    1. Materialistic theory. The upholders of this theory think of

    matter only and gives no importance to soul. From the beginning

    history man live A collctive life, and was not conscious of his

    individual existence, he had A collective spirit and A collective

    feeling. The solution; Abolish the system of private ownership.

    2. Idealistic theory. This theory gives importance to man,s spirit

    and his relation to his inner self only. According to this theory,

    it is true that the relationship between man and the material

    things does away with unity, causes plurality and dismembers

    collectivity. It leads the individual to psychological split and

    divided society into classes.

    3. Realistic theory. According to this theory, what splits and

    divides man from individual and social point of view is

    neither man,s relation with things nor the relation of the

    things with man. Man,s bondage neither originates from

    his ownership nor from his being owned. This theory

    gives first importance to such factors as education,

    training, revolution, thinking, ideology and spiritual


    Is this all BS, maybe Bob Marley had the solution,

    his quote,"Herb is the unification of mankind".

  • talesin

    Is this all BS, maybe Bob Marley had the solution,

    his quote,"Herb is the unification of mankind".

  • steve2
    Steve suggests you embrace the suck: the only authentic human is a violent human.

    Um, not quite what I said - indeed a veritable misrepresentation. Because something may be in the 'nature' of all life (not just humans - remember I mentioned bacteria) doesn't mean it needs to be or must be embraced. That's why we have progressed towards civilization and can identify values that promote human rights over human 'needs'.

    Having said that, a move away from civilization is potentially always 'near' humankind. That's why the best of us may experience the 'normal' emotion of anger and a desire to 'put right' through violence wrongdoers. To accurately identify where we've come from is not the same as saying, Hey let's go back and embrace what we've left behind. But it does make us less susceptible to myths of an idyllic past in which we cuddled lions the way we cuddled lambs (and then ate them anyway).

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Not while religion exists.

    Religions have a hidden (and sometimes not so hidden) agenda of war and hostility. It is this game that keeps the masses focused on, not who is actualy causing mankinds divisions, but rather on the fake hope the different charlatens pass out.

    They create the social disease and than peddle the 'cure' in the form of some sort of better life awaiting the faithful. So potent is the 'opium' that few seem to realize that the hope is no hope at all. It makes people incapable and unwilling to better themselves or humanity's lot because they buy into the whole ''evil bad world'' that cannt be saved.

    Until the world wakes up to the fact that this life IS all there is, they wont change a damn thing.

    Thats my opinion anyway.


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