Wants to run around screaming

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  • watersprout

    at the top of my voice... Infact sooo loud from the bottom of my lungs! I want to scream and run up the street flapping my arms like a chicken!

    I am soo pumped full of adrenaline! It's really not good... Any excess bad adrenaline causes my body great distress.. I have been known to lose half a stone just from an adrenaline rush... I need calming thoughts and ideas, cause if I end up running up and down my street a white van will turn up to cart me away!

    I am bouncing about just from sitting and writing this post...

    Ideas that will help me focus this adrenaline on would be soooo helpful! I have tried the relaxing baths and they just made me irritable. They are nice once the adrenaline has gone and i'm shattered.


  • blondie

    So what has brought this on? I've had those kind of days...I go far away from people and a walk in the park or the woods and focus on the trees, birds, and flowers..........right!

  • watersprout

    I just have these random moments... Hate them as I feel drained once the adrenaline goes away... Got a lot to do with my dubbie upbringing so have to live with it. A walk sounds lovely but it's getting dark here and it's a bit risky going by myself... There are some strange people round here. Could have something to do with the fact there are LOADS of dubbies who live round here lol. I have two family in my street alone! Aaaarrrrggggghhhhhhhh

    I am sitting in my bedroom with a fresh blueberry face mask on... A DIY facial seems to have helped a little. I was having to focus on what I was doing.


  • blondie


    Here's a nice trip; you can mute the music if it irritates.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Well, when I get to feeling like that, I like to picture myself in a beautiful lake, nestled in a serene valley. Deer are trotting along the waters edge and birds fly softly through the breeze. In this beautiful tranquility I picture, I look down in the water to see that I'm holding Stephen Lett's head just below the surface. As the bubbles slow, I lift his head above the water just for an instant to catch another breathe, then "SPLASH!" Back he goes under the water as I again appreciate the lovely surroundings.

    I could do this for hours. I find it very cathartic.

  • AGuest

    If it's not too late... dear WS (the greatest of love and peace to you!) or, if so, maybe next time:

    1. Try a small glass (or two) of a good sherry, Zin, or Pinot Noir; or

    2. A martini. ONLY one. Straight up, a little "dirty", with an extra olive or two (since you're so slim; the kind with the onions taste best). Gin (never vodka - I hear you'll like it too much and turn into a lush - I wouldn't know; never had it). Anything but Tanqueray or Blue Sapphire (the others'll do the same thing for less bucks). Whichever you choose... sip it SLOWLY. Take your time, don't rush it. In fact, you may not even finish (or even be able to get it down - LOLOLOL!).

    The point is... either will calm your "nerves" (well, they calmed mine)... or trying to get 'em down, will - LOLOLOL!

    Again, peace to you... and don't let anyone know I told you to have a drink to calm down - but the alternative is probably drugs... and I just wouldn't send you there!

    Again, wishes for peace... and calm... to you... and sorry I missed this earlier...

    SA... who'll be drinking vicariously through you (so CHIN-CHIN !) 'cause I don't really drink anymore... but these relaxed me when I did... on her own...

  • talesin

    watersprout, I have adrenalin rushes and they used to last a couple of days sometimes. My heart rate would almost double, and I could feel those rushes coming up from my belly (the adrenalin). Here's techniques I used.

    1. What Billy said. You create your own scenario. Here's a couple of mine. Lying on a beach, eyes closed, feeling the warm sand, hearing the crashing waves, feeling the gentle brush of the breeze, my arms and legs feeling heavier and heavier. Deep breath ... aaahhhh The other one is that I walk into a huge Victorian home, and up the curving staircase. Walk down the hallway to my special room, and open the door. This room is completely safe, and there is someone in it to protect me.. it could be a fictional person or a real one ... mine is (oh well, it's silly so I won't tell you who it is, fictional, but in RL he would helps me feel safe and protected). It has a huge poster bed, big windows with lush, heavy curtains, and my cat is there. I lie down on the bed, pull a comforter over me, and kitty comes and snuggles by my side.

    2. 3-stage breathing - usually sitting up in a chair .... breathing in through your nose, take a breath into your chest, then draw it deeper into your diaphragm, then more breath into your stomach, then slowly release the breath through your pursed mouth in the reverse order. A slow and steady rhythm, not hyperventilating,,, just slow. I like to do this with my eyes closed, so I can really focus on the breathing.

    3. Mindful Meditation - sit comfortably with your bum on the edge of a chair or sofa, feet crossed at the ankles, hands palm up on your thighs. Back posture straight. Focus your eyes on a spot about 6 ft in front of you. Take deep slow breaths, and try to empty your mind. Every time a thought intrudes (I must do the dishes, wonder if Jack is gonna call), repeat in your mind 'thinking, thinking, thinking',,, the thought goes away,,, continue breathing and repeat. This is important --- feel your senses .... hear the hum of the refrigerator or the birds singing, feel the cushion under your bum,,,, thoughts interrupting? thinking, thinking, thinking, breathe.

    These techniques can take 5 minutes, or as long as you need.

    They work for me, take it or leave it. Oh, and they also help me 'shut off' my physical pain.


  • ziddina

    Lift weights... S - L - O - W - L - Y..... Don't pop a muscle or tear a ligament..

    Do so to music that you enjoy... Nothing too hyper, nothing too slow...

    I keep weights next to the computer, to use when this creaky old dinosaur of a computer draaaaggs or urps up or misses a letter [which happens FAR more often than I can STAND!!! It's not just me, folks - if I type too fast, the damn thing skips letters...]

    It's better than slamming my head into the keyboard...


  • watersprout

    Thanks for the vidoe Blondie... My sister used to live in the peak district and she loved looking out her windows and just seeing fields everywhere.

    Billy LOL I could do that all day with each and every person that has caused me harm!

    I will try that Shel (the greatest love and peace to you)... I'm not a big drinker anyway but I do love a martini... I can't drink vodka anymore... I got a tad drunk on vodka when I was a teenager and it was not good! I can't even drink an alco pop with vodka in, cause it just turns my stomach... I do like red wine but it's really hard to find a good red thats vegan... Oh well I suppose I should take up more drinking to find that perfect red! Lol Thank you for your kind thoughts.

    Talesin thank you... I will try those techniques... I haven't done any yoga for ages and I have found a link to these rushes and lack of yoga in my life... I do love to meditate but I find it soo hard to focus as i'm bouncing off the walls... It's awful when you feel it rising! You know what's coming and it's vile!

    LOL Zid! I will try all these techniques! There has to be something to help me cope..

    Thank you all for your ideas and kind thoughts... I did a facial, sorted out ALL my jewellery, de tarnished my silver jewellery and decided to go to bed... Only the nausea was keeping me awake so I kept finding things to do and Carrot stayed up with me watching the ''inbetweeners''... He won't sleep until it passes cause he worries... Finally fell asleep and now I am shattered! An easy day for me I think.


  • AGuest
    it's really hard to find a good red thats vegan...

    Okay, dear WS (again, peace to you!), you're going to educate me because I always thought grapes were a fruit... and being vegan included fruit - LOLOLOL! What am I missing??

    Peace... and calm... to you!

    SA, up at this ungodly hour because of "bad" stomach due to pain meds (wrenched stoopid shoulder walking puppies, yesterday)... on her own...

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