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  • mouthy

    I was away for a week can anyone tell me whats going on with the Murder ????

  • wasblind

    Well granny, as you know Dianne pissed nearly the whole town off

    before she was done in, don't know who could have killed her with

    so many suspects, ronan is back on the seen with his upgraded liver

    from his now missin' in action brother chance, chloe don't know if she wants

    to be friends or lovers with kevin, poor old kev thinks she still got the

    hots for bad boy billy who jumped on a plane to hong kong, cause he ain't

    feelin' no love in genoa city, missed fridays episode but you can go online

    to catch up or check out soapnet channel on tv . hope this helps

    Oh, and jack has found where diane was keepin' his son

  • mouthy

    Oh thank you so much love .That helps.

  • poopsiecakes

    Abby went to the police and told them Tucker has poison Sumac from the parc where the murder was committed (he's had his arm bandaged up to cover it pretending it was carpel tunnel LOL). Ashley came home and saw his rash and quietly helped him cover it back up.

    Adam is the top suspect right now because of an imprint on Diane's arm that matches an insignia from a Harvard class ring.

    A park ranger went to the police and reported that their infrared camera was stolen. They showed someone on a laptop wired into the camera and watching the feed.

    Also this week...Ashley also went to Katherine and told her that she'd sign the annulment papers if Katherine gave Tucker his company back, including Jabot.

    Shall we speculate on who the murderer is?

  • wasblind

    Nikki or Adam Poopsie

    who do you think it is ?????, the only two I watch

    are Y&R and Bold & the beautiful

  • poopsiecakes

    I'm pretty sure it's Nikki...

    this is the only one I watch now and it's usually background noise while I'm puttering around lol.

  • poopsiecakes

    good gravy, where are my manners? I neglected to give you lovely ladies a poopsie squeeze!!

  • mouthy

    I needed that sqeeze girl. I have been suffering from indigestion ALL week while on holiday.

    I think it could be the Bartender( forgot his name)"D"?the one that started Nikki drinking again
    ,the one that gave Dianne the tape of Abby!!!!

  • poopsiecakes

    Did my squeeze relieve some pressure for you darlin?

    So, we have:

    Mouthy - Deacon
    Wasblind - Nikki or Adam
    Poopsie - Nikki

    I hope they don't make a mess of the story and that there's actually some surprises around the corner...

  • talesin

    Diane is back? and she's been murdered?

    Hey, Granny *waves* it's been many, many years since I watched Y&R, obviously! Or as I like to call it "The Young and The Hung" ...hehehe


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