Does anyone recognize this ex-JW testimony from WNFJ convention?

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  • peace_lily

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to find the testimony of a lady who spoke years ago at the Witness Now for Jesus convention (I believe in Pennsylvania). She mentioned that her husband (I assume not a Witness) came out as a homosexual during the years the org did not consider such to be grounds for divorce. The elders advised her she didn't have grounds for divorce. She finally came to the end of her rope and divorced her husband. She was disfellowshiped (I don't remember if it was actually on account of the divorce or if it happened when she later remarried).

    If I remember correctly, she took the necessary steps for reinstatement and then later disassociated herself when the issues she shelved kept piling up. I've listened to so many of these, I can't remember who this was. I'm hoping someone here (Mouthy, others?) who've been to the convention might remember her.

  • cptkirk

    i dont know anything about this, but was just curious. after this whole ordeal the woman took steps to be re-instated, so she was re-instated, but then she da'ed herself anyway? was just wondering what it was that piled up, you mentioned issues she shelved...what was this? just people gossiping about her and shunning her or something?

  • RayPublisher

    I'd love to hear that one, and more of these. I have listened to some but they are all really old. Do they still have these conventions? Sorry if that's a dumb question...

  • blondie

    I would try reaching neonmadman or Atlantis on JWN or

  • NeonMadman

    This will be my twelfth year attending, but I don't remember that particular testimony. Grace (Mouthy) was attending long before me, so maybe she will recall it. They do still have the conventions, but the word on the street is that this year may be the last. Joan Cetnar has been hosting the conventions for the past 33 years (with her husband Bill until his death), but she is saying that she does not think she will host another after this year. I haven't spoken with her directly, but my understanding is that she feels that with the Internet, there are plenty of sources for JW information out there now as well as other ways for ex-JWs to make contact, and conventions like this one are not as necessary as they once were. Because of this, attendance has been declining over the past several years. While I understand her point, I've found the personal contact and intimacy of these conventions to be far more meaningful than anything the Internet can offer. I have made some wonderful friends there, and I look forward to seeing them every year. The WNFJ convention has become as much a regular part of my life since leaving the JWs as is Christmas and other annual, family oriented events. I am hoping that someone is able to step in and continue the tradition; it will be a big disappointment to have this annual event disappear from my life.

    If anyone is interested in attending this year, the convention will be held from Octiber 7-9 at Blue Mountain Christian Retreat ( in New Ringgold, PA.

  • blondie
  • peace_lily

    Thanks, guys; I'm still looking for it. I've been listening to just the beginning of all the testimonies hoping to find the right one. I wanted to post a link to it from one of my answers on YA. I can't remember all the particulars of her testimony--that part just stood out. Most people who disassociate have various issues that pile up--lack of love, hypocrisy, ever-changing doctrine, things that just don't add up.

    Yeah, I've noticed that attendance for the past few years has seemed pretty slim (I watched the live feed online). It's really sad to see it come to an end--some of the teachings they've had have been such a help to me, and the testimonies have always been encouraging.

  • mouthy

    Gee I am sorry I dont remember that one .I have been going since 1989.It was the happiest times of my life.
    Cant go this year. Too old,& I dont have a passport anymore. It is the last year. If you want to hear some
    terrific testimony'this is the place to go.And it is so beautiful up there

    Neonmad man.....God go with you my love....

  • RayPublisher

    I've actually organized large events before- but being on the west coast and having to still sneak around makes it hard for me to do as much I want on this.

    But I would definitely be happy to help someone organize or advertise this and keep it going for future years.

  • dogisgod

    I don't know about this woman but my story is the same as hers except when The Committee asked my husband "was there something your wife would or wouldn't do that caused you to turn to men" was my personal evacuation.

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