Obey the Governing Body!!!! Did you see what I saw? Are they more aggressive now than before??

by punkofnice 22 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • isojourn

    The sad part most will read this article and STILL look down on themselves for not "obeying" correctly.

    It doesn't take much, simply reading these articles just as they are, word for word is so alarming.


    What else do you expect from WBT$ GB AssHoles..

    Who have no Problem Publicly Autographing WBT$ Bibles..

    For Cuban Public Officials..

    The WBT$ GB Are Rock Stars..

    Get down on your Knees JW Peasants!..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    The new brochure from the District Convention is called Listen to God and Live Forever. Too bad you can't listen to God without help from the Watchtower Society.

  • punkofnice

    @serenity - It gives me the heebie GBs

    @wontleave - Thanx for the link I'll enjoy reading the info!

    @newchapter - Yup. I missed that 'orders' so well spotted.

    @elderelite - You are quite right. Sorry, my bad. What I was asking quite apallingly, was - given that the article was from before I was born, can it be said the new even more satanic, GB are MORE hard or is it a return (given the tazer like prods they're giving the sheeple), to an earlier method of mind control...OR...are they worse now? While I think of it, if they are not worse now, will a more enlightened generation (not overlapping), react differently and give the GB a sybloic hard kick in the goolies?

    @shamus - See you there!

    @iso - Yeah. The old feeling of GB induced worthlessness will kick in to many who think they should do more....or else!!

    @Outlaw - You may not know how many of us, me included, look forward to your inventive brand of ironic humour! Right on Mr Eastwood!!

    @FranklynM - Yeah. More literal-trash from the 'ministry of truth'. George Orwell would have thought hisd novel 1984 was nothing compared to the WTB$

  • steve2

    Are they more aggresive than before?

    Hold on, I'll consult beyond the grave with fearsome Judge Rutherford about whether the boys in Brooklyn are more aggressive than he was...

    "Judge Rutherford, sorry to bother such a revered, self-important and Biblically portentous man as you, but I'd like your opinion on the current members of the Governing Body"

    Instead of answering, there was a sudden unbearably loud, thunderous spinning sound coming from the depths of his grave site. I can only conclude that I suspect Rutherford would view the GB as a bunch of pussies who need to come down even harder on the rank and file and rub their ungrateful noses in their lowly status as the mere rank and file. No, by the standards of earlier decades, the GB would be seen as unbelievably limp-wristed and due for a roasting from their predecessors, given the apathetic and lazily materialistic state of JWs in western countries.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Yet they still condemn the Catholic idea of Apostolic Succession. They just have their own flavor of cardinals and collective papal infalibility.

  • WTWizard

    They always expect full obedience. You disobey the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger, you are disobeying Jehovah. If they change their outlook after your "disobedience" and your "disobedience" is in course with the new outlook, you "ran ahead of Jehovah" and remain disfellowshipped for "running ahead of Jehovah".

  • the-illuminator81

    Jesus with a gun

    Obey or die!

    Free will my ass.

  • wobble

    I was born in to the cancerous-cult in 1950. I remember all the articles telling us to stay close to God's Org. etc, but they were, in the main not written in such a way that you felt you had to be connected hip and thigh to a bunch of men in Brooklyn.

    I definately feel that the demands for loyalty to this group of imposters has grown much much more shrill and frequent in recent years, they scream it out at every opportunity, it has also sunk to new depths, saying even if you don't understand one or more of their orders ("Do we have to drink this Kool-aid Mommy ? " "Yes, darling we must be obedient to the GB, even if they are murdering bastards") you still blindly obey.

    Well, why not obey ? They have such a wonderful record of gettting things right. NOT!.

    They seem to be developing a policy of "Obey Fully" or get out of the Borg. It may help some wake up,it was this issue of loyalty and worship to the GB that finally made me walk in 2008.

  • punkofnice

    Steve2 - This is what I was wondering, if others feel they are getting more controlling. Seems the general feeling on the boards is: Yes..they are!

    BtEB - Love the gravatar by the way, super pious-sneer. Oh, the GB and their blatant duplicity! Are we the only ones that see it?

    WTWizard - No escaping the 7 headed beast Grovelling Baddie.....their eyes are everywhere!

    Illuminator - Freewill in the watchtower bOrg...no such animal ever existed!

    wobble - Yeah, I was born in the cult too. I don't remember them being as controlling as they are now. Obviously many will say it's because they love us and it's the run up to armageddon. They want armageddon SO much that they see signs of it everywhere! Makes me sick!

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