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  • IsaacJ22

    Littlerockguy, one of the ingredients of migrelief is magnesium. I believe there are 3 ingredients. Can't remember what the rest are...

  • skeeter1

    Thanks everyone so much for your suggestions. I'm printing out this thread and heading to my doctor next week. I'll give him the "better not hurt me (with prescription drugs)"...and then I'll experiment with each of your suggestions.

    I haven't been out walking lately, because my dog died last month. I'm going to go out and walk each night, in addition to going to the gym. It's a stress buster. My new dog is coming....we are waiting for it to be born!

    I'm going to eat more turnip greens for more magnesium!


  • Chariklo

    If the migraines are bad, then ask to see a neurologist, as someone else said. I see one from time to time. They really like seeing migraine patients, in my experience, because every case is so different, though with common elements.

    I forgot to say, since I've been taking Propranolol Sustained Release, for high blood pressure and migraine combined, my migraines have been less frequent, though when it comes it comes and though I lie down etc it's just a matter of riding it out.


    Propranolol Sustained-Release Dosage for Migraines

    For migraine prevention, the starting dose of propranolol sustained-release is 80 mg once a day. Based on the migraine response and/or side effects, your healthcare provider may increase or decrease the propranolol sustained-release dosage. An improvement in the number of migraines should be noticed within four to six weeks. If it is not, your healthcare provider may have you slowly stop the medication over several weeks and then switch you to another migraine medication.

  • exwhyzee

    I had regular monthly Migraines starting when I was in my mid teens. They'd always start out with seeing those dreaded white spots before my eyes...I'd head home knowing the day was ruined. Then It would progress into seeing things partially shadowed much like you do when you have a flash photo taken or look at the sun. Then it would progress into numbness in the hands and lips, slurred speach, sort of an out of body, spacey feeling accompained by nausea and a headache that would last all day and linger into the next. No medication would touch the pain. I noticed this happened especially when I'd drink a glass of orange juice. I thought it was all the sugar in it that was getting to me. The only thing that would really help the headache was to put a thick knit stocking hat on my head for padding and then slowly run an electric hand held massager set on low, over my skull for about 20 minutes. This would help the blood vessels relax and ease the pain.

    This lasted well into my 30's until it dawned on me that these headaches started right after I got my first amalgam dental fillings when I was a teen. I had heard about others having this problem so I had old fillings removed and replaced with white composite fillings. BINGO ! ... I went from once or twice a month agony to no more Migraines. The orange juice apparently because it was acidic, was releasing some of the toxins in the metal fillings.

    Google the subject and see what you can find out. I wouldn't wish these headaches on anyone. I'd rather have the Flu for a week than have another migrain. Try the massager techinique to ease the headaches until you can find out what is at the root of your particular Migrains. I still do this for the occasional "normal" headache or if I'm feeling stressed out. It sounds and looks kinda crazy but it really helped me.

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