I'm Going Home

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    In a state of harmonic, suspended animation, I await patiently as a dissonance held for a seeming eternity quietly resolves into a soothing consonance that says all is right within my universe.

    Floating through space, enamored of aural and visual beauties t
    hat accompany the lone traveler sojourning through the ether ... Supernal, glorious worlds beckon him, their holding in store treasures amassed long before he became aware of realities beyond his finite, terrestrial sphere.

    Wishing to be removed from the anxieties and paltry cares of existence upon this orb I call home, I have traveled to another dimension through a means ever at my disposal ... my imagination.

    My imagination has been nourished by tales told and written long ago: stories of love and courage; adventures upon the high seas; dramas played out in the courts of kings. They have made their way to the stacks of the world's libraries. A book in hand is one of several gateways to the universe.

    And beyond....

    Desperate longing for my true home will not, of itself, propel me any the more quickly toward that for which my wasted heart pines. From this tiny patch of earth that I occupy, I look into the vastness of sky and see the superb lark in steep ascent or the fragile damselfly flitting about the oleander. These simple yet superb creatures cannot know in their spirals and darts that I, anchored so firmly to terra, am in envy of such unbridled liberty that they, winged creatures, possess; however ...

    An otherworldly presence coaxes me ever so gently, and I am intoxicated and become captive to its allure. The seduction is complete. There is no resolve, hence, no resistance proceeding from my gladly incapacitated self. Drawing me into a swirl of infinite blues and grays, I feel no dizziness at all, such as when I took to the Earth's seas. What once was a dream of many a restless eve, has now come fulfilled as reality in clear and unassailably palpable relief. The tableau set before me is an expansive 'scape of celestial bodies in sharply defined orbit, charted and preordained from time unknown.

    At one with the cosmos, I rejoice at so long an awaited shuffling off of human care and toil....


  • mrquik

    I'm with ya man. I just can't remember..... Ten Years After with Alvin Lee..... right?

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, mrquik, for your welcomed post.

    You learn something new everyday. I was not familiar with Alvin Lee until now and his song of the same title. I look forward to getting acquainted with his music, and there's you to thank for that!



  • Quandry

    Well, I once heard the saying, "Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to be in the next load."

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    A point well made, Quandry! Thank you for posting.


    CoCo des Cieux

  • Quandry

    A silly point, really, CoCo.

    You have such a way with words....I have the thoughts and feelings, but cannot find the eloquent words to express them. You are so right-books can be the gateway to the universe. I wish young people could realize this instead of discovering video games that keep the universe out - their minds unfocused on the world around them and limited to a small plastic existance.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    I'm going home

    rocky horror picture show

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, Quandry and Nancy Drew, for posting this morning. I wish you both a good day.


    I appreciate your thoughts and how clearly you have expressed them. We're all different in how we perceive what surrounds us; our consequent manner of expression, therefore, will vary. There are times when I wish to be more simple and straightforward - not impossible yet requiring deliberate effort on my part. Analysis and logic pass me by, as I wonder like a simpleton what are problem solving, common sense, workable solutions in daily life.

    Nancy Drew:

    You have prompted me to rent Rocky - it'll be an outrageous first!



  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    You will love rocky horror its so campy and wonderful. My favorite songs are "there's a iight over at the frankenstein place" and "let's do the time warp again".

  • talesin

    CoCo --- don't forget to dress in drag and have some toast to throw at the screen!!!!


    edit: for you!!! lmao!


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